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Pardot Marketing Services

Ironpaper is a B2B marketing agency that helps clients implement Pardot for performance-driven marketing campaigns and programs. We work with companies have have both strong in-house marketing teams and companies that are just beginning to stand up a marketing program but have little support. We implement Pardot in a clean and uncluttered way making it easy to scale campaigns and measure success.

  • Implementation of Pardot
  • Standing up B2B marketing programs
  • Demand generation and qualified lead acquisition
  • Lead and prospect nurturing
  • Content strategy and creation
  • B2B websites

Pardot software for B2B marketing
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Using Pardot Effectively In Performance-Driven B2B Marketing

Because Ironpaper is a specialized B2B agency, we cut through the clutter that holds back many marketing programs. We simply focus on what matters and provide transparency on campaign outcomes. If a campaign fails, we openly discuss the campaign and cut the elements that cause the failure. By using attribution reporting, we are able to focus on what matters and what works.

  • Qualified lead acquisition
  • Lead management into the pipeline
  • Transparent reporting

Creation and Optimization of B2B Campaigns and Content

We create and build campaigns and content for B2B companies. More importantly, we study the performance of marketing efforts and make ongoing improvements to strengthen performance over time. Pardot becomes one of the core tools for measurement and attribution in this process of ongoing optimization. We study outcome metrics to make iterative improvements and gains.

Pardot reporting on marketing campaigns
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Pardot Marketing Services

Ironpaper is a Pardot marketing services agency that specializes in B2B companies. We help stand up new instances of Pardot and audit and improve existing implementations. Our goal is to make Pardot work in service of performance marketing--rather than act as a boundary.

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