Search Marketing Agency


Search marketing is the fuel of inbound lead generation.

Ironpaper is a digital agency based in NYC that specializes in the intersection of design, technology, marketing and content strategy. We are search and social marketing strategists that focus on white hat methodology for delivering great user engagement.

Ironpaper creates and manages search marketing campaigns -- integrating SEO and SEM within the context of a cross-channel strategy.

Search marketing & content strategy

  • Organic search optimization
  • Content strategy
  • Brand strategy for the web
  • Optimization of landing pages
  • Web analysis
  • Strategy consulting
  • Web strategy for business
  • PPC paid search campaigns


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Online marketing: search engine optimization (SEO), social media, viral, PPC, campaign, digital marketing, Facebook


SEO – Search Marketing

Ironpaper is dedicated to white hat SEO. We use proven methods for building search ranking through content, influence and advancing relevancy.


SEM – Paid Search Marketing

Ironpaper creates and manages highly effective and transparent paid search (SEM) campaigns. Our work is data-driven and integrates with other marketing efforts.


Social Media Marketing

We design campaigns based on creativity and best practice. Our work includes building social media campaign technologies and executing full-scale campaigns with optimization and reporting.


Data-Driven Optimization

Test and optimize are mantras for our business strategy approach for post-launch campaigns. Gut feelings are great, but data is the protein that builds great businesses today.


UX – User Experience

Design is an art that helps humans have great experiences with applications. Our design approach focuses on true empathy for the user journey within an application.


eCommerce Optimization

Simplifying the user-journey and helping to build an attraction to a brand that fosters loyalty. We  study the usage of eCommerce websites to optimize the user journey and improve conversion.

Search marketing with data analytics

Ironpaper is a web strategy company at its heart.

We believe internet marketing is a vital cornerstone for any organization. We work with our clients to achieve their core, business goals through the internet--building a strategy that is actionable, valuable and measurable.