3000% Lead Generation for a IoT Company


That’s the increase in lead generation we achieved for a B2B telecom and internet of things (IoT) solution provider.

We are a long term partner, generating qualified leads from key decision-making executives (CTOs, VPs, Directors, CIOs) for carriers, MVNOs, OEMs, System Integrators and Service Provider companies. We have been heading lead generation, in collaboration with the company’s CMO through pivots, growth, capital infusions and acquisitions. All the while our work has remained the primary driver of qualified leads and sales opportunities for the Carrier/ MVNO / M2M / IoT / Service Provider market.

  • Increased qualified lead generation with executive level buyers by 3000% over a two year period.
  • Increased job applicants in niche skill areas, globally.
  • Spearheaded a targeted campaign that lead to the company's acquisition in 2015


And we’ve orchestrated the repositioning of the brand from the mobility space to the highly lucrative Internet of Things (IoT) space, which included re-imagining their core product’s user experience which we went on to design and implement in conjunction with their engineering team.


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We needed to articulate the IoT business case to acquire the right-fit buyers.

Brand transformation in the IoT space

Message testing was essential for driving success with campaigns.

We helped the CEO & CMO reposition the brand from the telecom mobility space to the highly lucrative Internet of Things (IoT) space. We had to re-imagine their core product in a new business context. Technical buyers were no longer the sole focus. We had to develop messaging and content that addressed more profound business applications. 

We improved qualified lead generation from 0-1 leads per month to

80-120 qualified leads per month

To accelerate growth, Ironpaper obsessively iterated on campaigns, landing pages, messaging, and all digital touchpoints. 

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IoT Growth Engine Playbook Summary

Lead generation - Drove lead generation efforts focusing on key decision-making positions with network operators, large enterprises, MVNOs, and government organizations.

Lead nurturing - Through deep work into the sales cycle freeing up the sales department to focus on the bottom of the funnel deals while continually replenishing the opportunity pipeline.

Inside sales - Working deep with their sales team on tools, strategies, and nurturing opportunities for prospect engagement.

PR - To promote the organization and its key stakeholders for knowledge leadership, organization spotlight and industry reference.

Design & programming - Across all touchpoints.

Advertising - Both online and off.

Content marketing - Capitalizing on an inherent knowledge leader in the industry with a targeted content strategy to elevate the organization’s profile in the market.

Trade-show marketing - Designed to elongate relationships priorate the event, exploit the in-person moment, and remain engaged after the event.

Multi-channel digital marketing - Influencing all digital touchpoints for an integrated, cohesive approach.

Lead generation - With a multi-pronged approach to fill & nurture top of the funnel and middle of the funnel prospects and a full nurturing cycle.

Sales enablement and nurturing - In which we work deep within the sales team for efficiency and prospect nurturing.

Marketing automation - With efficient automated workflows to allow the organization to scale with minimal friction.

Analytics - Used not only for prospect marketing but also for relationship building and forward-thinking business objectives.

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