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The New York Musical Theatre Festival is a vital resource for musical theater productions and their ability to reach a broader audience. More than 350 shows have premiered at the Festival since 2004, which featured more than 8,000 artists and entertained more than 300,000 audience members. The musicals and artists introduced at NYMF have, in turn, gone on to further successes on- and off-Broadway, across the country, and around the globe--reaching millions of theatergoers worldwide.

Extending engagement: on-stage to online

Ironpaper helped design a website where online audiences can connect, support, and learn about the NY Musical Theatre Festival. The online presence of NYMF is important to keep the art form alive, thriving, and growing through support and extended engagement. Ironpaper's goal for the New York Musical Theater Festival's website was to provide a user experience that was elegant, intuitive, and contemporary in look and feel.