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US Japan

Ironpaper Portfolio

Ironpaper worked with the United States-Japan Leadership Program, part of the United States-Japan Foundation, to build a member network and public website with a CRM system that helps power interaction between leaders in the US and Japan.

A leadership network promoting partnership between nations

The purpose of the US-Japan Leadership Program (USJLP) is to develop a network of communication, friendship, and understanding among the next generation of leaders in each country. The relationship between two of the world’s most powerful democracies and economies has become so complex and broad-ranging that it is beyond the ability of governments or specialists to manage. Yet it continues to suffer from misunderstandings, neglect, or stereotyped images that arise from our very different histories and cultures.

  • Website design
  • Application development
  • CMS
  • Member management
  • Automated messaging
  • Web-based CRM