4 Best Practices in B2B Digital Marketing

B2B marketing has evolved greatly with innovations in analytics, publishing tools, understanding of web user behavior, and lead tracking tools.

In most cases, the B2B buying cycle is often slow. Often, the reason for this is that the B2B buying decision seldom rests with a single individual and instead requires buy-in from many other business decision makers.

Knowing the unique challenges of B2B marketing, marketers can better achieve success employing creativity, skill, and these top strategies.

The Benefits of Website Personalization for B2B Companies

#1 Know your target

Questions marketers need to ask in researching the target prospect include:

  • What are the demographics, purchasing roles, needs, pain points and typical behaviors of the target buyer?
  • What is the profile of the kind of company they belong to?
  • Why will they care about the product or service offered?
  • What motivates and influences their choices?
  • Where do they get information?
  • Who do they trust?

With these questions answered, craft a buyer’s persona for each segment of your target audience. Develop different content to reflect the various needs and traits of the segmented buyers.

This essential step can help the digital marketer better address the prospect where they are in the buyer’s journey. Improve retention and build customer happiness by exploring the entire lifecycle and making improvements to the customer experience throughout.

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#2 Focus on key metrics.

Being online opens the door to a great range of analytical data the marketer can mine for insights. Determine what core metrics make sense for your particular B2B digital marketing goals. For instance, a high number of social shares might be good if your brand is looking to increase awareness. However, if your aim is increasing sales then landing page conversion rates and qualified leads ill matter more.

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#3 Patiently scale

Scaling B2B digital marketing efforts too quickly can be a waste of money. Growth driven design endorses starting, for example, a minimally viable website. Then track how visitors are attracted and interact with the page to determine the next most important pages to add. Study web analytics carefully to uncover gaps, weaknesses, and opportunities. Instead of investing extensive time and labor developing one set-and-sit website, increase adaptability and better utilize resources with an iterative approach.

#4 Optimize your ads

Some B2B marketing teams struggle managing digital and PPC ads. While building paid and referral channels, focus on organic search, which with careful planning and optimization, can be a powerful driver of timely leads. Plus, digital advertising is very scalable and can be more immediate and timely, and, as a result, a good way to test run new ideas.

Just don’t create display online ads and forget about them. Let the SEO keyword and analytic data gathered further improve the marketing team’s strategic awareness. Research that is useful for organic efforts can also be used to guide paid efforts.

#5 Be mobile friendly

The audience is online, so the B2B marketer should meet them there. A mobile responsive site design will greatly increase user experience and improve the likelihood of the prospect searching further into the site. Pay attention to load speeds and make it easy for visitors to quickly scan the digital marketing content — on any size of device. For example, email marketing efforts are viewed ever increasingly on mobile devices. According toSmart Insights, “57% of users are “multiscreening”, accessing websites on both their desktop and mobile devices.”

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Digital marketing should be results-driven, focused on optimizing conversions and lead generation while nurturing sales. With a range of inbound marketing content avenues, B2B digital marketing will yield better results when it is highly iterative and designed to always achieve measurable results.

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