4 Sales Lead Generation Techniques for the B2B Digital Funnel

Generating sales leads is clearly of great interest to both your marketing and sales teams. The definition of a sales lead is different to every company, but as a common definition, a sales lead has “raised a hand” by freely providing some kind of consent to be contacted. More specifically, a sales lead has shown interest in a sales outreach — for example, requested a demo, filled out a contact form, or engaged with a chat dialogue on your website.

In this article, we’ll cover four B2B lead generation techniques learned from years of generating sales leads digitally. All of these tactics will help you create new opportunities in the bottom of your funnel.

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Create SEO Pages for Bottom-of-Funnel Terms

Last year, Google accounted for 79% of all online searches, according to NetMarketShare. This includes tens of thousands of searches every second. Is your business taking off a piece of that very large and growing pie of sales leads?

Creating SEO pages for your website is one critical way to be found by potential sales leads. Devote time to creating a keyword strategy that includes a variety of target terms. These target terms should include sales phrases — the kind of thing your customers would search to find your business. For example, “POS for small business” or “IT management companies” are both good targets that show a clear sales interest. 

Use a keyword tool like SEMrush or Keywords Everywhere to audit the monthly search volume of a term. If the volume is at least several hundred searches, it’s worth going after. Then, build a content-rich SEO page — with many instances of the keyword included — and embed a lead form on the page so organic traffic visitors can convert, becoming sales leads.

Keyword research dashboard for SEO analysis


Make sure to link your SEO pages throughout your website so Google sees that they are important. The more search engine authority you have, the more lead generation potential your pages have.

Run High-Relevancy Paid Campaigns Like AdWords PPC and Linkedin

Paid campaigns are one of the fastest ways to scale lead generation before organic traffic has had a chance to gain traction. In fact, we’ve seen companies grow lead generation by 1,200% or more in one month of running a paid campaign when they weren’t previously generating sales leads online.

First, you need to plan to invest at least several hundred to several thousand dollars per month to see some traction with sales leads from paid campaigns. An average cost per sales lead for a B2B business can be several hundred dollars, so you should be prepared to spend enough money to see substantial results and draw conclusions, which help you optimize. You must give yourself enough budget flexibility to test out different keywords and ad groups, different targeting strategies, and different conversion points (like “ Request a demo” vs “Download Case Study”).

Google Adwords dashboard for ad analysis

Linkedin and Google AdWords search PPC are great channels for generating sales leads.

  • Google Ads text-search visitors are searching for a solution, they are active participants in the lead generation process, and are often more likely to close into opportunities.
  • With Linkedin, you are able to target prospects that are close-match to your organization’s ideal customer profile. 

LInkedin advertising types

Capterra Lead Generation for Software Companies

Capterra Search dashboard

Capterra is a great channel to generate sales leads because it provides reviews of software companies and another opportunity for targeted pay-per-click. Like AdWords, you will need to bid for terms describing your software solution. First, make sure to do some research into the key terms you’d like to bid on. Do a quick search and confirm that the keyword you’d like to target accurately describes your software — you should see competitors show up in the search results page.

To optimize your Capterra listing, make sure to test out a few different key terms. Bid small across different key terms, and ramp up budget when you identify which terms resulting in a low cost-per-lead. In order to measure cost-per-lead, you will need to use a tracking URL on your ad, so that you can measure how clicks turn into conversions in your CRM. 

Pay attention to the conversion rate on your ads. Here’s a tip for conversion rate optimization: Create dedicated destination pages with plenty of information around that key term — and make sure there is a form on the page so visitors can convert right away into sales leads. Keep in mind that Capterra leads are closer to a purchase decision, so include decision-stage context like a sales demo video, pricing information, features and more.

Remarketing to Purchased Lead Lists

Many marketers end up with existing or purchased lists that they need to market to. While these lists are often not true leads since they have not volunteered their contact information, there are still actions you can take to convert target contacts into sales leads.

To generate sales leads from existing contacts, follow these steps for what to do for purchased lead lists:

  1. Run retargeting campaigns by uploading email addresses to Facebook or LinkedIn, then launch paid ads that are highly targeted
  2. Send one-to-one outreach emails that are targeted to your leads, sending helpful content and resources like one-pagers and multi-page eBooks
  3. Recapture via inbound marketing strategies like content marketing and social media, with consistent blogging and search engine optimization


To generate sales leads you need to focus on sales lead generation techniques in high-intention channels. For a gradual investment, create many SEO pages. To scale up more quickly, invest in a paid campaign such as Google AdWords PPC or Capterra to grab leads in a decision stage. And to convert existing contacts into sales leads, follow the steps above to recapture contacts with inbound methods.



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