B2B Articles - September 21, 2013

5 reasons businesses should blog

Top reasons why businesses should blog

  1. Blogging generates leads - For the purpose of generating leads, business blogging is a great tactic. By creating great content that others want to share and reference, businesses may find serious advantages over disruption advertising. Businesses should blog to attract new leads with fresh ideas that helps address the pain points and inspires trust.
  2. Blogging can increase your effectiveness on social media - Hubspot found that businesses with blogs on average have twice as many Twitter followers as those that don't. There can be a fantastic synergy between blogs and social media--helping to build a greater total brand presence. Blog content, for example, gives businesses more opportunities for reference and sharing with partners, customers, fans and the press.
  3. Blogging generates traffic - Fresh content increases the interest of search engines to a website. By regularly publishing blog content, a business website can increase the likelihood for visits from a search bot and inclusion within search results. Additionally, direct traffic will have a greater chance to increase as visitors frequent a website if there is fresh content, which is less likely to happen if a business website is static.
  4. Blogging can make a company more accessible and likable - By opening up to a constituency and customer base and sharing more, a business can humanize their brand. This can have a remarkable effect on retention and trust. Blogging can also be a way for a company to dispose of an image of a soulless and uncaring entity. It can be a fantastic way to infuse life in a brand.
  5. Blogging improves organic search results - Organic search is free referral traffic from search engines. By adding fresh, relevant and shareable content to a business blog, marketers can increase their brand's presence in search. Each blog article may become a doorway into a website, which can build traffic and leads.


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