B2B Articles - February 24, 2014

5 ways to make blogging work for your organization

blog marketingSince blogs can play a such crucial role in marketing. Here is a quick list of tips to improve blog marketing performance.

Some of the benefits of blogging

  1. Increase of traffic from search engines
  2. Increased brand advocacy
  3. Improved traffic from social media
  4. Higher brand authority
  5. Lead generation

5 ways to improve your blog

1. Design your content to improve acquisition of traffic and contacts: Many users make split second decisions with websites. By "designing" your content, you can improve bounce rates and improve social shares. By including media and images, your can make your blog content benefit from more shares within social media.
Read more about: How to improve blog content design to improve acquisition

2. Increase blog page views. Simple fixes and upgrades to a blog can substantially increase blog page views. Consider content recommendations and interlinking posts. This will help pick up blog page views and decrease overall bounce rates.
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3. Web readers scan first. People have different reading habits online than they do offline. Simplify your content and make your site more scannable to improve online readability. By doing so, readers will be more responsive to your blog content.
Dive deeper into how: Writing for scannability

4. Be like a media company. Publish more and benefit from organic and social traffic. Use your blog to nurture relationships with prospects, customers, leads and influencers. A study by Chitika found that traffic originating from search engines offer a higher click through rate than all other sources (including internal links!).
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5. Improve the SEO of your blog. The craft of SEO is changing. Search engines are doing a better job of showing more relevant content to users.
You can benefit from these changes: 5 ways to improve the SEO value of your blog


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