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B2B Marketing Videos — Trends and Tips

More than 20 billion videos are devoured every day across YouTube, Facebook and SnapChat alone. This massive rise in video consumption has led many B2B marketers to call out “lights, camera, action” on their own productions. When it comes to making B2B marketing videos, these trends and tips can help a brand stand out with a global audience.

Trends in B2B Marketing Video

Businesses today are investing in several types of videos to connect with leads and customers.

Brand videos

Customers today are facing a deluge of content. Video is more immersive experience, in this era of content overload. Since humans process video 60,000 times faster than text, audience engagement is facilitated by short videos introducing the brand. Often these short videos aim to reach the audience with an emotional appeal either inspiring or developing a positive mood association.

The idea is hilariously encapsulated in this 2015 Shorty Award-winner:


More seriously intended brand videos are particularly useful in the discover phase of the customer sales lifecycle.

“Video incorporated onto a landing page boosted conversion by more than 80%.” — Forrester

Testimonial videos

Often used for the explore stage of the customer’s journey, these client testimonials are an unscripted insider's view of the product or service. After interviewing real people about the benefits and value of the brand, the marketer can pull together a short, simple real-life perspective. A quick example:


Informative videos

Informative videos are also useful in helping users throughout the decision-making process, but these can also build company credibility by providing marketplace insights. For example, a company spokesperson or “talking head” might discuss industry issues or provide a weekly roundup of marketplace news.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos can help boost conversion rates for companies that have complicated products or services. Keeping the video to under two minutes — being sure you don’t sacrifice detail and also address objections — can enable success. These videos can be useful to buyers exploring their options and to current customers wanting to better understand the product or service they’ve purchased.

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Of course, these are only scratching the video option surface. B2B marketers might also consider event videos, presentation videos, interviews with employees, or video blogs. Whatever approach is selected, B2B marketing video success relies on some key attributes.

B2B Marketing Videos — Tips

#1 Know your goal

What is this video’s value to the viewer? An effective video should have personality and help the business build trust. Still, with several possible types of video to produce, the marketing team needs a clear idea at the outset of its objective. Overall, the brand is building a relationship with this content — but is the focus introducing a product, explaining a process, outlining benefits, addressing buyer challenges or sharing another users’ experience?

#2 Tell a good story

Visuals matter, of course. But Neil Patel’s research showed that the story had a greater impact than choosing cartoons, stick figures or real humans for the visuals. The story needs to have a clear goal and will be aided by a voice over that resonates with audiences.

A video demands decisions in script, production style, voice over, and more. In deciding between stick figures or live actors, for example, the audience matters. These elements are the visual storytellers’ equivalent of tone.

No script, you won’t be able to sell. — Marketing School’s Eric Siu

#3 Consider the audience

You love your product, your company, your service. But in producing a B2B video, it’s important to focus on a single, simple and accessible message. Don’t try to fit everything in a single video. If you have many elements of a process to cover, for instance, do several short episodes. Yes, video gives viewers the opportunity to pause and rewind, yet the script should still aim to break down complicated topics in a less intimidating, accessible fashion.

#4 Have fun…within reason

Humor is a great way to engage customers. In fact, Burst Media found that comedy is most favored form of video content, garnering 39% of viewership. Nevertheless, being silly in the hopes of having a viral sensation isn’t the answer. Make the video engaging and energetic, but don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal. Deliver a clear call-to-action and make sure the video fits within your company’s overall brand story.

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B2B marketing videos can help any brand engage customers with a product or service. Once you have the video content created, look to publish it on a platform that integrates with marketing automation. Share the video across social media channels and other platforms. Most importantly, measure viewer engagement with the video to determine its ROI before planning its sequel.


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