B2B Articles - August 01, 2013

Behavioral insights for marketing teams


Presently, marketing teams & analytical groups have focused on aggregated data such as views, visitors, and time spent on site to help drive their initiatives. Although these variables are important at a high level, a more in depth look and research into key performance indictors (KPI) and business drivers has lead me towards focusing my efforts on behavioral variables.

Analytics for strategy


Behavioral variables consists of actions visitors take which shed light on the most important question, Why! Interaction, CTR, expansion rate, bounce rate, are all examples of valuable behavioral insights which can transform the way you penetrate a visitor on your website. This concept can be applied to any B2B or B2C business model in which understanding why they visited, clicked, or filled a form will be much more useful than general aggregate data.

Recently, the consumer market has been evolving into a more knowledgeable group that compares products and their differentiators before making a decision. By understanding this thought process you can tailor your business as well as sales funnel towards a single user as opposed to a user group.  Automation Technology has bridged the gap in personalization and is helping to produce an increased in qualified leads by understanding behaviors and bucketing users into segmented groups.

Another unorthodox way of understanding a consumers behavior is first understanding shifts in consumer behavior. Traditionally, consumers would spend time understanding, researching, and digging deeper into the small nuances of a product. It would ultimately be a big decision regardless of the product. In recent times this dedication has shifted into smaller less attentive decisions. With the insurgence of Vine, Instagram, and Twitter, it is become more apparent that the attention spans of individuals are becoming shorter. Furthermore, shorter, punchier taglines and visuals are being predominant within website design.

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