October 04, 2014

Benefits of HubSpot COS for SaaS websites

SEO and web designThe HubSpot Content Optimization System (COS) is an outstanding tool for SaaS companies. It blends the perks of content management systems and personalization engines. The HubSpot COS is the first integrated website, blog, and landing page system of its kind to be mobile-optimized out-of-the-box.

So how does this help SaaS?

You can easily personalize all the elements of your interactions with customers, eliminating the need for knowledge in coding and development for marketing team members. And we all know how customers appreciate personalization and relevance.

Benefits of HubSpot COS for SaaS websites

web design with hubspot COS

Ability for full website design customization and responsiveness

The HubSpot COS allows users to tweak and structure the layout of templates however they please. This is all thanks to the drag and drop functionality available in Hubspot COS. The style manager allows users to customize all the little details from colors, to font styles/sizes and more. These functionalities don't stop at the main site though - it extends to the company blog. All this without ever having to touch the CSS style sheet.

Concerned about your site being responsive to all screen sizes? Don't worry! All the templates, from web pages, to landing pages, to the blog, are all automatically responsive. This will spare your mobile users from having to scroll left and right and/or zoom in and out to access the content that they are looking for.

Hubspot COS is friendly for web developers and designers. The system allows for full customization using HTML/HTML5, CSS, and Javascript--plus the HUBL tagging library that provides robust interaction capabilities. Your web design agency or team will be able to develop a website that enables marketing teams to iterate and personalize content without continually bothering IT teams--allowing developers and IT pros to focus on your SaaS application instead of the marketing website.

Deliver Targeted Content

You have different packages with different price points. It's simply not realistic to present the same huge bulk of content to everyone. Enter "Smart Content."

This feature allows you to present different messaging to people based on where they are on the funnel. That means new visitors to your site will be presented with introductory information about your product. This information will not be presented to qualified leads or repeat customers.

Hubspot COS

Get An Extra Boost in SEO

Hubspot's COS has a very fast load time, which is a critical component of website ranking in search. The keyword report in Hubspot will help to identify top conversion keywords to guide your content creation process for prospects, lead generation and customer nurturing.

You can use HubSpot to connect your blog to Google Plus, which allows the bio of the author to show up in search results. That, in turn, both increases the visibility of the author and of your company. There are also added perks in SEO land if users click on the image of the author. Each of Hubspot's publishing tools (landing pages, COS pages and blog) have built-in SEO tools to improve the optimization of content--helping your SaaS company gain ranking with organic search.

Hubspot COS website design

Bottom line: Try it out! The HubSpot COS is quick to master for in-house marketing teams, and will build relevance for prospects and customers--helping to drive up conversion rates.

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