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5 Benefits of Remarketing


Remarketing allows marketers to display ads to visitors who've previously been on your website as they browse the Web. Remarketing uses programmatic buying to display ads on a broad array of participating websites. Within the Google ad network, a prospect who visited a brand website may see the advertisements of that brand on third-party websites. Remarketing is powerful in a marketer's toolbox when used appropriately.

5 benefits of Remarketing

Benefit #1: improving brand recall
Remarketing is a fantastic tool for reminding prospects of your brand. This form of advertisement helps create ongoing reminders of a brand. More significantly, the remarketing display ads can recall a message viewed on the original brand website and display reminder ads throughout the Web.

Benefit #2: Improved conversion rates
Remarketing can help drive visitors involved in a conversion process back into a sales scenario. For example, an eCommerce website can tag all visitors who have progressed to step 2 in their checkout process and display remarketing ads to bring them back. Another approach is to target leads that have already filled out a form and downloaded content from a brand. Remarketing, in these cases, can help improve the sales process--both online and offline.

Benefit #3: audience targeting
The ability to target a specific audience with a specific message is powerful. Marketers can use remarketing ads to communicate with a specific audience through display advertising or text ads. For example, a remarketing tag can be installed only for visitors that conduct certain actions within a brand website.

Benefit #4: Improves relevancy of ads
The reason remarketing works so well is that it gives marketers the ability to deliver ads based on previous actions. For example, if a visitor lands on a specific product page, a remarketing ad of that specific product can be displayed throughout the Web to that prospective customer. Likewise, using behavior segmentation, a message appropriate to a web visitor can be displayed instead of a generic (non-specific) ad message. You can appeal to the interests of a visitor.

Benefit #5: Reduce loss
One of the most salient features is that remarketing allows brands to re-engage visitors that are no longer on their websites. Brand recall and brand engagement are both sub-facets of this point. Remarketing gives your brand a second chance to bring a prospect back into the fold. Coupled with SEO, social referrals, or standard ads, remarketing can be a secondary line of attraction to a brand. Reduction of loss can be powerful not just because you are preventing the loss of leads but because those who have previously visited your website and come back may have a higher potential for conversion.


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