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Benefits of Wordpress for enterprise websites

Wordpress is the most popular CMS on the planet.

It is a great platform for small businesses, as well as enterprises. For enterprises, Wordpress is a great system for building blogs and websites on a tight deadline.  There are numerous benefits to WordPress, beyond rapid web development, to justify it's use as an enterprise website content management engine.

Benefits of Wordpress for enterprise websites

Benefits of Wordpress as a CMS

Rapid web development platform
Wordpress is a fantastic platform for getting an enterprise blog up and running quickly. This can make it useful for new product launches, HR initiatives, corporate responsibility initiatives, new services, autonomous teams or departments or special R&D projects (and of course more).  As new initiatives warrant a blog or public awareness, content and blogging can be an ideal centerpiece for marketing. Wordpress is a fairly fast platform for launching a touchpoint to represent this new initiative. And, as is true with many enterprises, time is of the essence once the decision has been made.

Wordpress automatic updates
Wordpress is easy to keep up to date. The updates are automatic--making it easier to keep the website secure and the code up-to-date. Often websites maintenance issues can be a huge burden for IT managers and brand teams. This burden is reduced with Wordpress.

Multi-site capabilities
With Wordpress, enterprises have the ability to create a network of websites and blogs by using the multisite feature. A multisite network is a collection of blogs or websites that all share the same WordPress installation and admin. New websites can be launched from a single instance much more easily than many competitive CMSs. The multi-site capabilities can be restricted to a top-level website administrator.

Permission systems
The roles and capabilities of a user can be specified within Wordpress to create a user permission system. Administrators can specify and restrict the capabilities of other users within the system on the front and backend.  For example, a potential role that could exist could be blog draft creation whereby a user could not (on their own) publish a blog post without approval of an editor. WordPress comes with six pre-defined roles: Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber. New roles can be created and defined.

Editorial calendar
With enterprises, we often use a Wordpress plugin called Editflow and enforce it's workflow system. Editflow offers a grid-view calendar, helping marketers and publishers gain a bird's eye view over their editorial calendar from within Wordpress. The plugin also allows for specific editorial workflows to be easily defined within the Wordpress admin.

The core functionality of Wordpress can easily be extended and further developed using custom themes, plugins and tools. Besides the large library of plugins and tools that already exist, it is quite easy for Wordpress developers to build new ones. As an enterprise explores the native features of Wordpress, it is important to understand that these features are not a limitation or a ceiling by any means. Developers can introduce new components built with PHP/MySQL or select and modify third-party plugins.

Broad support for Wordpress
Wordpress, being the most popular CMS on the planet, has broad support with web developers, designers, hosting companies, third-party APIs and broad familiarity with users and employees. There is a healthy and thriving community for Wordpress designers and developers, so trying to solve arcane, technical issues is less daunting.  Wordpress has a public Codex that acts as a living repository for WordPress information and documentation.

Wordpress makes publishing easy
Wordpress has great user experience. The publishing process is not daunting and does not present a lot of obstacles, which frees up the enterprise to operate more efficiently and produce at a greater velocity.

Other great benefits for Wordpress in the enterprise

  • Pingomatic integration alerts search engines when new content is available
  • Theme design keeps the website design separate from core application / CMS making updates and redesigns easier
  • SEO-friendly CMS
  • Author profiles can help incentivize employees to write and improve the quality around their efforts
  • Media library contains a search engine, sorting system and allows for style control, making media handling a breeze for writers and editors

SOURCE: codex.wordpress.org

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