Blogging for B2B lead generation marketing

Content marketing: Blogging for B2B lead generation marketingBlogging helps brands go on the offensive when attracting leads and prospects to their business. Marketers can consider blogging a form of targeting as they begin to address the specific needs and concerns of their consumers’ personas. This approach to blogging resides within the core of Inbound B2B marketing.

Blogging tips for B2B lead generation marketing

  • Content should be at the center of your marketing effort. Content attracts and builds trust with potential customers. Good content should be at the center of a brand’s promotional and amplification efforts.
  • Your content needs to attract, engage and retain your prospects. By helping, inspiring, educating and entertaining your audiences, your brand will become more trusted and favored–making sales a more likely outcome. Build quality content that helps engage users on multiple levels and throughout the sales lifecycle. (This includes the post-sale period!)
  • Lead generation may be the core motivation for a brand to begin a practice of blogging, but also establish goals that focus on brand engagement and relationship building. These goals can even be measurable! Consider goals that account for social media shares or comments.
  • Consistency is important. Try to maintain a schedule with your blogging practice. Try to keep an even pacing, which helps build momentum internally and with the effects of blogging. This will be good for your readers and for Google.
  • Design your content and add “texture.” Make your content easy and interesting to read online. Break up large paragraphs of text and make the content more scannable. Add images, video, media and headline text to drive more interest and engagement. (People don’t have the same reading habits online as they do off.) Consider adding quotes, data and statistics, list items and reference links to add texture to your writing. User engagement is critical to build leads and interest online.

Example blog article types for B2B marketing

  • Answer marketing: Try to answer a question that a potential customer would ask. Being helpful can demonstrate thought leadership and build trust with prospects.
  • How-to blog articles: There are plenty of questions, pain points and training essentials that come with the B2B buying process. Blogging for B2B lead generation marketing can give a brand a perfect opportunity to help a prospective buyer with a problem they have. Be helpful. Share solutions and win the trust of a potential buyer.
  • News blog posts: Timely articles related to company news, industry news or timely trends that are important to your buyer persona.
  • Resource blog posts: Lists, tips and tools can be vital content for building trust with a prospect. Additionally, resource blog posts can be perfect for search engine visibility and social sharing.
  • Mash-up posts: You can elegantly recycle older content by creating mashups of multiple previous blog article themes. Consider linking to these previous posts as a reference point for readers. Mashup posts are great for maximizing research and your investment in a particular article.
  • Versus blog articles: Write an article that compares two things in your industry. These helpful articles can be highly referenced, linked to and can also be great in search. Spend time on researching your comparison. Quality will be critical and ultimately determine the success of your efforts.
  • Conference or event coverage: If your organization participates in an event or hosts an event, creating blog content is a must. As attendees search the web for information or recaps of the event, you have an opportunity for brand discovery with your coverage article.
  • Brand journalism: Storytelling can help make brands connect with customers, prospects and leads. Find everyday stories by interviewing team members, asking questions about the product/service development process and learn about the outcomes of client projects. There are numerous sources of everyday brand journalism that can help share the brand story.

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