How to Create Infographic Success

Infographic design and marketingIn the age of big data, it is easier than ever to compile information to create your own infographics. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a designer to create a high quality and effective infographics, as  platforms such as (which is free), Piktochart, and InfoActive exist to help users easily design and share their own infographs specific to their needs. But creating the graph is just the beginning; if businesses truly want to make their infographic an online success, there are a few tips they should consider.

The more eye-catching, the better

It’s no secret that social media is image-based; reports indicate that by 2017, 69 percent of online traffic will come from video alone. Most digital marketers are keenly aware of users’ inclination to stop and briefly read an interesting article idea or concept where the most useful or attention-grabbing facts are front and center. The more colorful and engaging your infographic is, the more interest your audience will show. Be careful not to inundate your infographic with too much information or give it a confusing flow. Make sure it is presented logically and contains only pertinent details.

Go for viral

So you’ve created an infographic that not only looks great but also has all the information you want to present. Now comes the hard part: making it go viral. Or at least noticeable enough to make an impact.

Fortunately, half the work is done for you. According to Slideshare, a popular social network, users are three times more likely to share infographics than documents on a social network. And Bit Rebels, a technology news site, asserted that tweets on Twitter that contained infographics were retweeted a whopping 832 percent more than standard text posts.

See an example: Viral marketing with infographics

Make sure your brand is visible

If your company does find success in creating a viral infographic, you will obviously want the company name and corporate identity to become as instantly recognizable as the infographic. That way your audience may be inclined to search out other infographics or articles your company may have to offer in the future.

Boost search engine performance

Infographics can be advantageous to a business’s website, as they are an excellent source for backlinks and web traffic. And if your infographic goes viral, it will boost web traffic, which will, in turn, boost your Google ranking, which will increase web traffic, and so on. Infographics should also be sharable across multiple platforms and should include the necessary text, hashtags, or links to fully encompass marketing success.


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