Do webinars make sense for your business?

Vintage photograph of a meetingWebinars may not make sense for all businesses and enterprises. For some businesses, traditional conferences, seminars and trade shows may be better. When does it make sense to use a webinar for business?

Webinar for business marketing

A business may conduct webinars to highlight the brand as a whole or specific products / services for the purpose of lead generation. Training webinars is another possibility for building engagement. Consider offering free or fee-based training for customers or employees. General business education webinars can help establish an enterprise’s thought leadership in a topic. By holding special, limited-access webinars for investors, press, industry analysts, and other groups, business leadership can drive greater support around initiatives and campaigns.

When to use webinars for business

  • Is your audience or prospective buyers separated geographically? Is it challenging to see them in a single trip?
  • Your business needs to create engagement through a series of events, but budget is a concern.
  • There is a need to maintain relationships after a real-world event.
  • Customers are not concentrated in a local market.
  • Your customers, leads or prospects are tech savvy.
  • You need a cheaper alternative to engage customers than real-world events or in-person seminars. Or you lack a proper meeting space for real-world engagement.
  • Your business or enterprise needs to educate prospects, leads or customers to demonstrate value for sales.
  • On-going education around your product or service would improve retention or customer happiness.
  • One-on-one training to too expensive and webinars would provide a less costly alternative.
  • Customers are under-utilizing your product or service. More education would drive better engagement or value perception.


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