GPE 2.4 has ability to create App Engine-connected Android projects

Google is releasing an update to GPE that allows users to bring together two great platforms for development: Android and App Engine, which will allow developers to host their backend service and store their app data on Google’s cloud service.

Project Creation for App Engine-connected Android projects
The new release of GPE 2.4 will provide a way for developers to create App Engine-connected Android projects. The project wizard creates instances of full-functionality Android and GWT clients which can connect to the App Engine backend.

Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM)
This new service allows developers to build applications that have better battery performance by sendingĀ  lightweight pings instead of polling for backend changes on mobile devices. The lightweight pings can identify pending data. The best part is that the new GPE release will allow the use of this functionality simply by connecting to the remote Google app-specific code.

RPC boilerplate code within a few clicks
Removing the hassle from creating code that enables your mobile application to communicate with backend servers, the new release will provide all the underlying boilerplate code within a few clicks.

Mobile App Developers:
You’ll need to install the Android Developer Tools (ADT) plugin as a prerequisite to GPE 2.4 Beta

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