March 31, 2016

Growth Driven Design and Gamification Drive Inbound B2B Sales for Hospitality Software Company

MyCheck, a mobile payment software provider, began in 2011 and targeted a consumer audience of restaurant goers.  We met them in 2015 when they'd come to the realization that to be successful in hospitality they needed to engage restaurants chains and groups that could implement their technology to offer users a new dining experience through their MyCheck mobile app. To pivot their position quickly and satisfy stakeholders hungry for immediate results, they sought us out for our B2B inbound marketing and growth driven design approach.

The result? Sales qualified B2B leads grew from 0 to 622 across US, UK, and Brazil markets in just 4 months.

Setting a Solid Foundation: Designing for Growth

After initial success in the B2C market, MyCheck approached us to help with an urgent need: grow their B2B digital marketing campaigns. Our immediate hurdle was to reposition MyCheck as a B2B and time was of the essence.

Embracing a growth driven design approach, whereby we intentionally incrementally redesigned the website, we were able to reposition MyCheck for B2B leads after only three weeks into the relationship.

The visual branding and messaging were re-envisioned to align more with the pain points that buyer personas in the hospitality industry face. The website launched, looking much as you see it today, only leaner — with only the home page to begin.

Growth Driven Design Website Example

Utilizing the HubSpot COS, we were able to add on targeted content and enhance the user experience. In a few short weeks, we added the following components:

  • MyCheck’s first case study, then several more to help prospective customers learn more about the problems the mobile app solved for restaurants and gave MyCheck’s team a way to start capturing leads.
  • Visual storytelling of the MyCheck offering with a video component, representation of the company’s global presence, and adding a blog
  • Addressed different language needs and enhancing navigation onsite to facilitate positive user experiences
  • Gamification - understanding the sales cycle at MyCheck, and the focus in the mobile payment industry on features, we created an innovative “Feature Cart” for the site which dynamically increased site engagement and allowed targeted buyer personas to create an app that fit their restaurant’s needs.

Features gamification example

Marketing for Impact

With a new website in hand, MyCheck continued the relationship to develop a more robust marketing plan for B2B. We introduced MyCheck to HubSpot’s CRM and provided them with sales enablement insights.

We helped MyCheck build a solid foundation of leads to grow their base of qualified sales leads (SQLs) by implementing a full inbound — top, middle and bottom of the funnel — approach. Encouraging an alignment of sales and marketing and location-specific CTAs within a singular, unified workflow across the MyCheck landscape, Ironpaper became involved in nurturing MyCheck’s leads through the sales cycle.

Our marketing initiatives employed a host of HubSpot tools from assisting MyCheck with lead scoring to creating triggered emails and using social selling through Twitter based on industry/company name/leads data mined from the prospects tool. When it came time to build new nurturing infrastructure we drew on the data to direct our SEO and ongoing blogging efforts as well as assisting us in creating relevant landing pages.

As we continued to build, drive and nurture leads, we also improved our lead scoring related to our buyer personas and interests by creating progressive profiling questions in forms. This allowed us to build better smart lists, targeted emails and workflows, and launch LinkedIn sponsored posts and gated content campaigns to drive more conversions.

The Results: MyCheck’s Conversions Jump

Ironpaper is always results oriented.

  • Sales qualified B2B leads grew from 0 to 622 across US, UK, and Brazil markets in just 4 months for the Apple Pay launch.
  • Monthly SQLs greatly surpassed their already large expectations and their averaged deal size grew by a factor of four.
  • Website traffic increased by over 100% by month 3
  • 2500+ Views on one case study
  • 24.1% conversion rate for Integrations fact sheet content offer

Our agile marketing relationship with MyCheck continues to focus on increasing the company’s sales deal pipeline and we continue to take a growth driven design approach on new website initiatives.

But there’s one more way we know this partnership works. The client trusts us exclusively as we control their entire digital spectrum. We remain today a valued marketing partner for this still-expanding and brand-building company. That’s a result that truly matters.

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