B2B Articles - October 12, 2013

Increase website lead generation with clear calls-to-action

website analytics and business insightsMany organizations spend countless hours scrutinizing the color palette of their website during the design process and completely ignore those elements critical to lead generation and business-critical metrics. Of those business-critical metrics are using analytics appropriately to gather meaningful insights, having strong CTAs and designing clear calls-to-action. These two elements should be planned for and discussed early in the website design process, as they power success and growth for a business.

The lead generation potential of a website is directly attributed to compelling site content and having strong, clear calls-to-action. The coupling of these two elements are essential for the development of a lead-generation website.

Providing clear and strong calls to action for lead generation

  • Make sure your calls to action are visible -- do not hide your calls to action
  • Visually differentiate your CTAs from the website and background - Make them stand out... Don't let them blend into the background.
  • Do not use small, diminutive CTAs -- Give CTAs a bold presence
  • Display a phone number, if possible, in plain view on the website
  • Test and iterate different button styles during a marketing campaign to ensure that they are effective. It may be a good idea to use A/B testing to experiment with CTAs.
  • Ensure that text links are clear: use a blue color, underline or another differentiator to show links
  • Reduce the number of distractions on a website. Remember hierarchy is important for lead generation. Create compelling content with strong CTAs.
  • Do not use "Submit" or "Send" for button type... Use a more compelling message that demonstrates value: Try "Download whitepaper" or "Buy Now" instead.
  • Embed forms on lead generation pages instead of links to other pages... Visitors will be more likely to submit a form that is in front of them, than link through to another page to submit a form. Also, you can use web analytics to determine your best conversion pages as well.
  • Do not link call to actions to your website's homepage
  • Don't overload your website with too many call to actions... Remember to build hierarchy and clarity
  • Reduce the page load time by removing unnecessary elements like Flash or unoptimized images... Load time is key to visitor happiness
  • Don't obsess over small design elements, website colors or a pixel perfect web design and neglect compelling content and well-planned CTAs.

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