B2B Articles - August 22, 2013

Content Marketing for Beginners: SEO Friendly Titles

SEO Friendly Titles

If the American nightly news has taught us anything it’s that sometimes the best news is not news. The allure of something interesting generally outweighs that of something that is straining to be relevant. So let’s start from the top, because it’s always good place to start.

SEO Friendly Titles (without being boring)

What’s in a name? Everything. If title isn’t the siren song of your content then you’ve failed. Creating an engaging title isn’t always easy, but sometimes you should just grab the low-hanging fruit that is obvious, because that’s what people search for.

Take for example the HuffPo approach, or as I like to call it the Hand of Midas.

Original Title

Trending Title

Attention Grabbing Title

Like the Hand of Midas, HuffPo never let’s a title appear twice in the same format or in the same place, and each title is carefully crafted to be both relevant and engaging. But looks aren’t only H1’s deep, they also create optimal linking structures building new sets of autonomous keywords.

Tools to consider using when creating a title:

  1. Google Webmaster Tools’ Query view all incoming traffic from specific terms.
  2. Google’s Trends allows you to rank keywords comparatively.
  3. Twitter’s Trending if you want to be virally relevant check out the latest breaking trends.

Alright kid, next week we’ll talk about how you content’s body really is a wonderland.


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