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Using Hubspot for the enterprise

We make decisions all day. Even just deciding what to eat or drink in a day prompts 200+ decisions. No wonder then we’re often daunted by choices about what to do or buy.

Hubspot for the enterprise

Enterprises seeking marketing automation software must decide amongst a myriad of marketing management solutions promising operational efficiency, productivity, powerful analytics, integration potential, and deep business insights as well as customer engagement and maximized demand for products and services.

In working with our enterprise clients, Ironpaper relies on HubSpot to deliver value and guide growth. Yes, we said HubSpot. Even though Trust Radius’ 2016 Marketing Automation Guide shows HubSpot is top-of-mind for small businesses, and a competitive second for mid-size companies, it doesn’t even get plotted on the TrustMap grid for enterprise-sized (1,000+ employees) companies. We feel that Hubspot offers greater value for enterprises that need a more rapid, agile, and results-driven marketing program.

Data graph

Let’s examine, though, the top four advantages of using HubSpot for enterprise.

User Experience.

A marketing automation system is of little value if your enterprise cannot utilize it's features because it's complicated, cumbersome, and utterly frustrating. This is a profound benefit of Hubspot over it's rivals in our opinion.

HubSpot’s software has the greatest user experience of all the marketing automation solutions. The engineering team at Hubspot believes that users of it's software should work as little as possible and achieve the greatest results. Hubspot is even useful for those without any training in coding and web development, which is not true for most of it's competitors.

Hubspot COS - application

Drag and drop functionalities make campaign creation using templates simple, yet there are also training tutorials and webinars along with customer support services. Trust Radius’ 2016 report noted, “HubSpot scores at or above the Marketing Automation average across the board, indicating extremely high user satisfaction. It particularly excels in the areas of in-person training (9.3 [out of 10]) and overall support (8.8).”

Hubspot training

In HubSpot responsive web design is also automatic. Plus, HubSpot integrates social media directly into its platform (instead of requiring a separate social management tool such as Hootsuite). By directly integrating, marketers get deeper and more connected insights and are enabled to execute directly against these insights without hassle or frustration.

Social media marketing with Hubspot

Advanced Reporting.

A variety of reporting functions — including contact, company and attribution reports —enable various departments to track content. This helps using the data to identify different segment behaviors and link marketing efforts to revenue generation.

Marketing reporting with Hubspot

Predictive Analytics.

HubSpot can help score potential leads and enable enterprises to develop workflows of alerts or actions triggered by particular actions in the campaign. Its Behavior Driven Communication tools enable immediate emails or texts nurturing the site visitor’s decision-making process.

Predictive analytics - marketing


We all know the importance of testing and data-driven analysis. Hubsport’s Advanced Landing Page functionality makes it easy to do A/B testing to better determine what is performing best and driving the desired action.

Hubspot COS - web design tool

HubSpot tells site visitors that 15,000 businesses use its simple to understand platform to monitor marketing funnels (from top to bottom). Ironpaper and its enterprise clients have enjoyed HubSpot’s benefits. That and the joy of having at least on more decision made. Now…what should we have for lunch today?


Dynamic personalization is a signature tool from Hubspot. With Hubspot COS, enterprises can personalize websites, content areas, messaging, landing page, calls-to-action, emails, and offers. The personalization factors can be set for device type, leads vs. prospects, customers, user segments, demand generation channels, or referrers. These personalization features enable marketers to strike at the heart of a prospect's intent for buying--driving deeper engagement and higher conversion rates. Hubspot's personalization is essential for building relevancy and trust with enterprise buyers.

Hubspot personalization for websites

Web developer friendly

Hubspot broadly supports web developers and custom website development. It's support for web developers comes in three core components--the Design Manager tool, HubL, and it's well-documented API.

  1. The Design Manager is a framework for building websites to be managed by Hubspot's content management system called COS.
  2. HubL is a markup language used by COS for providing logic and integration with Hubspot's larger platform.
  3. Hubspot's API allows for developers to integrate with custom applications, external websites, or to offer deeper integration with third-party tools and services.

Hubspot for web developers

Well-documented API

With Hubspot's well-documented API, developers can build powerful integrations for a global community of users.

Hubspot API

Well-connected, natively

Hubspot has recently poured countless hours into a growing marketplace of natively connected third-party integrations. Hubspot Connect is a marketplace for third-party connections and integrations. These integrations include call-tracking, third-party analytics, eCommerce, online polls, and other essential tools.


Salesforce integration

A hallmark for sales teams, Hubspot boosts native, bi-directional integration with Salesforce. Salesforce is enriched and gains new meaning with the power of Hubspot. Use this connection to drive greater alignment between sales and marketing efforts--increasing deal sizes, opportunities, and revenue.

Hubspot Salesforce integration

Logic-based workflows and drip campaigns

Hubspot has an enterprise-level workflow tool for nurturing leads into deeper levels of engagement, trust, and towards "yes." Compose email workflows swiftly and with no hassle, without losing the complexity of modern marketing automation. Use logic-based workflows to drive engagement over time and throughout changes in a buyers relationship to a brand.

Marketing automation drip campaign - workflows

In summary, Hubspot provides those key benefits associated with leading marketing automation solutions, but additionally delivers profound client satisfaction, great training, and ideal ease-of-use--making it a top choice for data-driven, agile marketing.

Key Benefits of Marketing Automation Software

  • Measure campaigns to optimize, justify and prioritize initiatives
  • Reduce time spent administering marketing programs and completing tasks
  • Improve close rates with timely and relevant engagement
  • Brand and messaging consistency across campaigns and channels via templates and standards
  • Shorten sales cycles with quicker response times
  • Customized marketing to each customer’s needs
  • Scheduled and automated activities for around-the-clock engagement without manual effort

Source: G2Crowd.com

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