B2B Articles - June 24, 2013

Value of audience segmentation for marketing

Both B2B and B2C marketing can benefit from audience segmentation for analytics reporting. Market segmentation is exactly the opposite mentality from mass marketing. In mass marketing, an agency would send the same email or message to a large group, and segmentation allows for targeting smaller groups with more specific and appropriate messages.

Segmentation marketing

Segmentation is a vital part of marketing automation, scoring of prospective customers and driving efficiency into the marketing process. By identifying audience segments, an agency or business can optimize the marketing message so it is appropriate to the needs, desires, interests and buying behavior of your audience with greater detail and specificity.  Ultimately this process improves relevancy and drives a better response rate.

Segmentation can drive quantifiable results

  • Better response rates: Targeted messages are more appealing to prospects unique interests and needs
  • Improved conversion rates: By targeting the right services/products to customers, conversion rates will grow.
  • Reduce marketing costs: Segmenting certainly adds hours and resources to a marketing process, but the return is significant.... By improving conversions, you will drive more conversion with less money.
  • Less customers will hate you for spamming: If your marketing message is inappropriate, customers will begin to ignore or hit the SPAM button quicker on your communications. This isn't good at all.

Digital marketing mix with segmentation

Segmentation can drive better results for B2B marketing throughout the funnel. For example with digital marketing, both SEO and PPC advertising will be more effective by focusing resources on the most relevant keywords and focus-areas for a brand. A lack of targeting can drain a budget and dilute the effectiveness of an SEO campaign. By re-focusing paid spend for search and by more specifically optimizing a site for keywords that relate to critical audience segments, digital marketers can spend less resources and earn greater rewards--through the reduction of waste.

For businesses and agencies unaccustomed to segmentation, a few challenges may arise upon the out-start.  The labeling and grouping of leads, customers and prospects takes time, energy and strategy. The effort is well worth it though. The result of the effort can drive greater efficiency in marketing campaigns, while providing a framework for new insights. The segmentation work may be done on both the beginning of a campaign (or prior to a marketing campaign) as well as post hoc (after the campaign launches as you begin to gather data based on the campaign performance).

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