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Video Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

There is a misconception that video content needs to be a flashy production filled with impressive b-roll footage, custom graphics, and shot on an expensive studio camera. That’s why you might be surprised to know that videos are something you have the tools to create already. In fact, you’re leaving B2B marketing and sales results on the table by neglecting this dynamic medium.

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69% of survey participants generated more leads with the help of video content, and 54% of users increased their sales. –Renderforest

Video helps you share your value proposition quickly and effectively, so don’t be overwhelmed at the thought of brainstorming video content. Just follow the same best practices you would for other B2B content:

  1. Create a goal for the content project: Do you want to build awareness? Drive new leads further down the funnel? Share thought leadership? Close sales? Advertise and drive demand?
  2. Identify the target audience: Determine your target audience and make sure your understanding of them guides your positioning. Know who you are speaking to and tailor your talking points to them.
  3. Be buyer-centric: Avoid being autobiographical with your videos, as with any other content. Focus on buyer needs, challenges, goals, and pain points.

So what are some strategic video formats for B2B, and how do these fit into your content funnel? 

Awareness Stage

At the top of the funnel, educational videos that foster brand awareness and demand generation are the most effective. As you get started, think of your content in a webinar format that discussing a major opportunity for your target buyers. A webinar can be recorded on your computer with software that’s already on your computer and be paired with slides that add visual appeal. You can also record a simple explainer video, such as an audio version of a blog post or thought leadership piece. 

Videos are also a great way to generate awareness in search engine marketing. Potential leads who are searching for your key terms will also be able to find your videos within search engine results. That’s why it’s always best to follow SEO practices to optimize your video for search terms. Use keywords in your title, description, and meta tags. Also upload closed captioning files to make your video more crawlable by search engines like Google, which read text but cannot “read” videos.

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Consideration Stage

Videos for this phase of the buyer’s journey can be treated like any other content that generates new leads. Like a typical content offer, you’ll gate the content with a form that asks for qualifying information such as company name, job title, and pain points. Once these landing pages are set up, you can promote them to drive demand across paid advertising channels like LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. Even with a small budget you will expand your reach and demonstrate thought leadership.

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. –Renderforest

To attract new leads or target current prospects with video remarketing, upload your content, choose a targeted audience and ad format, then launch your campaign. Popular placements run video ads as “suggested” video on similar channels, or as pre-roll footage before other videos. Regardless of where the ad shows up, short, concise video content with clear call-to-actions and links do well. 

Decision Stage

Video marketing strategies should be used for sales nurturing, too. With a video recording tool like Soapbox, a simple web browser extension, sales reps can create simple, personalized product walkthroughs and tailored demos. Your team can log short, 5-minute videos explaining aspects of your company’s services or process. Include these videos in your one-to-one email outreach to drive engagement with target leads.

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Video marketing strategies can have amazing results on your B2B sales funnel and KPIs. This medium is like any other content marketing tactic, so you need a clear goal and buyer persona in mind for each video. Even simple, iPhone videos can work for lead generation as gated content, advertisements, or sales nurturing tools. So get going and set a video strategy for your company this year!

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