Is WordPress good for nonprofits?

There are numerous benefits of WordPress for nonprofits.

At Ironpaper, we work hard to understand the needs of each nonprofit organization clients in order to make the best content management system recommendation. Wordpress is one of our favorites, and here are a few reasons why we love the platform for nonprofits.

Benefits of WordPress as a CMS

Is WordPress good for nonprofits?

WordPress has a great admin user experience

The user interface for the WordPress admin panel is built using Bootstrap–a mobile responsive framework–allowing authors and web managers to manage a site using their phone, tablet or desktop with ease. Additionally, WordPress has a very clean and well-organized navigation system and UI. The system’s auto-save and preview publishing capabilities reduces the frustration associated with other CMS options. The WordPress team has gone to great lengths to keep the admin friendly to both novice and pro users–balancing rich, powerful features with an intuitive design.

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet.

This is a pretty substantial point. Because WordPress is the most popular website content management system in the world, there is tremendous support for the CMS. Also the developer community surrounding and supporting the platform is massive.

Large and small nonprofits can use WordPress successfully.

WordPress is used by nonprofit organizations from small to large.

WordPress for large nonprofits:
Many large brands rely on WordPress as a CMS, because it contains a number of enterprise features. It’s enterprise-scale features include multi-site management, publishing workflows, security features, WordPress API, modular architecture, as well as a very well-written developer manual.

WordPress for small nonprofits:
Wordpress can be powerful for small nonprofit organizations as well. It is a fantastic development platform that allows web developers to rapidly build features, themes and scale websites to fit the emerging needs of small and growing organizations. WordPress can also be a great way to quickly launch a brand presence using themes, plugins and widgets.

WordPress is an SEO-friendly CMS.

WordPress is a great CMS for websites need to build traffic and acquire users from search engines. SEO is a clear benefit of WordPress. The system supports tagging, SEO-friendly URLs, controllable taxonomy and extensible environment well-suited for marketing.

WordPress is an adaptable platform

Sure, WordPress is not the ideal tool for all website design projects, but what CMS is? Web developers can build their own functionalities, applications and user interfaces for both the backend and frontend of WordPress. WordPress is a platform, and as such the software can be used for a wide-range of website categories, including fundraising websites, eCommerce, micro-sites, news and magazine websites and marketing sites. WordPress web development allows for full customization of the functionalities, features, design and admin experience.

Wordpress UI

Other features and benefits of WordPress

  • WordPress automatic updates – simplifies the task of maintenance and reduces costs
  • Multi-site capabilities – use one instance of WordPress to manage many websites
  • Permission systems are easily customizable
  • Editorial calendar using the EditFlow plugin
  • Pingomatic integration alerts search engines when new content is available
  • SEO-friendly CMS
  • Mobile-responsive CMS
  • Author profiles can help incentivize employees to write and improve the quality around their efforts
  • Media library contains a search engine, sorting system and allows for style control, making media handling a breeze for writers and editors
  • Install Yoast SEO tool for better SEO performance and management

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