WordPress Website Statistics

WordPress Website Statistics

As the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress powers more websites than any other CMS on the market. This article features a collection of statistics that demonstrate just how ubiquitous WordPress has become – and how much people and companies around the globe rely on it.


WordPress is the most popular blogging system on the web, with more than 60 million websites. – Forbes


As of January 2015, more than 23.3 percent of the top 10 million websites now use WordPress. – Accu Web Hosting


25 percent of all websites globally use WordPress. – W3Techs


WordPress runs 4.5 percent of the entire internet. – Codeinwp


WordPress 4.1 features 394,243 lines of code. – Codeinwp


There are 76.5 million blogs on WordPress as of March 2014. – WordPress


50,000 new WordPress websites are added daily. – WordPress


18 million WordPress sites were added in 2014. – WordPress



How WordPress website owners use the CMS…


WordPress blog owners changed their themes 2.8 million times in October of 2015. – WordPress


WordPress 4.1 gets roughly 1 million downloads every two days. – Codeinwp


But 16.7 percent of all WordPress sites use WordPress 3.0. – Codeinwp


1,420,000 new posts get published every single day on WordPress.com. – Codeinwp


409 million people view WordPress blogs monthly. – WordPress


There are 20.3 billion page views on WordPress blogs monthly. – WordPress


There are 52.2 million new comments on WordPress blogs monthly – WordPress


555 million new posts were published on WordPress in 2014. – WordPress


WordPress websites are popular around the globe…


WordPress blogs are written in 120 different languages. – WordPress


71 percent of WordPress blogs are written in English. – WordPress


4.7 percent of WordPress blogs are written in Spanish. – WordPress


2.4 percent of WordPress blogs are written in Indonesian. – WordPress


2.3 percent of WordPress blogs are written in Portuguese. – WordPress


1.5 percent of WordPress blogs are written in French. – WordPress


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