Low Tech Time Management for a High Tech Industry

There are plenty of online tools and mobile apps available to assist with time management. Yet – it’s still easy to get overwhelmed with it all, especially in a work environment.

Low tech time management

This is why many are beginning to turn to low tech time management and productivity hacks, despite being in a high tech industry. Here are some of our tips that will help you stay on track, without depending too much on tech.


  1. Don’t Multitask
    We are all guilty of trying to do everything at once. And it does feel great to reach the finishing point of several projects simultaneously. But is taking that route the most efficient way to go? Absolutely not. It’s not that the brain can’t handle taking on multiple tasks, but that too much time gets lost shifting between the tasks. Between that, and having to start from square one before picking up the pace – as much as 40% can be lost when multitasking.
  2. Knock E-mails Out of the Way
    For effective time management, productivity expert Bob Pozen swears by the OHIO method for e-mails: Only Handle It Once. E-mails should be taken care of the first time around, no “I’ll respond later.” If you choose to respond later, time will be wasted finding and rereading the email. Even more time will be wasted as you remind yourself to get back to it. Just respond quickly, and move on.
  3. Early to Bed, Early to Rise
    Why is it that great minds such as Charles Darwin, and Benjamin Franklin practiced starting their days extremely early? It made them extra productive. It’s a simple concept: start your day sooner, and no one will be there to distract you. According to the Harvard Business Review, early risers get more accomplished because they have performance peaks in the morning, and more alert and energetic through the course of the day than their counterparts.
  4. Don’t Lose Track of Time
    It’s easy to lose track of time when working on a project, and the solution to that is to have a clock visibly placed in front of you. This will keep you aware of how much time you have left every time you look away from your work.
  5. Use a Paper and Pen
    low tech time managementWrite your to-do lists on a notebook with a pen. Yes, that practice may seem archaic at this point, but that’s what makes it all the more powerful. The sight of your notebook will serve as a constant reminder of what’s to be done. The effort that goes into writing your tasks with a pen makes it more set-in-stone because it can’t simply be deleted. Smartphone notifications are easy to ignore, dismiss, or take lightly. But when your own handwriting is staring back at you, that may be taken more seriously.
  6. Don’t Leave for Tomorrow What You Can Do Today
    Before going to bed, take a few minutes to jot down some of your tasks for tomorrow. Include tasks you weren’t able to do today, and prioritize accordingly. This would save you time from backtracking in the morning, and give you a jumpstart on time management early on.

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