Sharing socially: value-added third-party content rebroadcast

retweeting for brands. social media marketingSometimes it’s a good idea to look beyond your organization’s four walls to find shareable content.

Rebroadcasting fantastic, third-party content can be a perfect way to participate in a social community as a brand. Certainly the rebroadcasted content should be noncompetitive and complementary.

The rebroadcasted content can be beneficial in a number of ways for social media marketing, including:

  • Relatively easy to create
  • May earn reposts or acknowledgements from the source author
  • Can stir up dialogue among community members and influencers
  • Gives the brand freedom to explore new subject matter
  • Can drive informal partnerships that may have on-going cross-promotional value

Ideas for enriching rebroadcast content

  • Add an opinion
  • Add depth or a fresh perspective
  • Provide context
  • Ask a question
  • Ask for feedback
  • Provide historical perspective
  • Interview thought-leaders on subject
  • Reward customers, fans or loyalty by reposting or sharing

3 benefits of retweeting for brands

  1. Retweeting can benefit your followers by providing interesting, helpful, meaningful or trending ideas or data. This can make your brand be perceived as current, useful, interesting or entertaining.
  2. Allows for more content options in your stream, which can build visibility.
  3. Helps to build relationships with other people, blogs, publications and brands.


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