August 06, 2013

10 Tips For Creating A Great Infographic.

As part of today's may forms of creating content, infographics have become an exciting way to share important information in bite-sized chunks. Sometimes an infographic goes viral, especially if care and tactics are used to prepare a great infographic. In order for an infographic to have a chance to catch on, here are 10 strategies to help push any infographic over the edge.

1280-10-steps-design-infographicTo begin with, pick a topic for your infographic that will appeal to as many people as possible. If you have a following, pick a topic that will appeal to that following and spend time on research to make sure your story is well told which will be more interesting to your following.

  1. Settle on a goal and stay true to it. Are you looking to acquire customers, build your brand, or educate your audience? Whatever the answer, stay on message.
  2. Know who your audience is, what they're looking for and how your story resonates to them.
  3. Remember it's a story and tell it.
  4. Stay relevant. Yes it's a story. But it's a story with a meaning. Keep it short and simple.
  5. Do your research. Telling a story isn't enough. Back it up with facts and figures.
  6. Make your headline captivating. No on will read your inforgraphic if you don't draw them in first.
  7. Make your design rock. Sure the content is the most important part of the story but a great design brings it to life.
  8. Have a strategy to go viral. Pick your social channels well and don't forget directories like Visual.ly.
  9. Cite your sources as you would want your sources to site you.
  10. Don't forget a strong summary. It's the last thing your audience will read.

If you follow these tips you'll have every chance to create an amazing inforgraphic.. And those are the ones that catch on.