B2B Articles - August 30, 2014

4 Ways Nonprofits Can Nurture Donors Using Social Media

Social media marketing on mobile Online fundraising is growing fast. This is why nonprofits are looking for ways to nurture donors using social media.

Easier said than done? Actually - it's pretty easy, so long as it is done right.

There are dozens of social networks to choose from for your social media efforts. We decided to offer tips on the top 4 networks used by nonprofits: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google +.

Here are 4 ways nonprofits can nurture donors using social media:

Twitter: Inform donors of the difference made by contributions

How did your organization make use of the last round of funds? Share photos from programs where food/clothing were given out. If possible, tweet donors directly, acknowledging and thanking them for their support. It will make them feel extra special because it's in the public domain, and all their friends can see it.

Facebook: Share inspirational stories

Tap into the emotions of donors by sharing background stories of how your nonprofit helped touch the lives of others. Share pictures, names, and actual stories. By learning more about how your nonprofit helps make a difference, donors will begin to feel (and build on) an emotional connection with the organization.

While you're at it, be sure to make use of the "Donate Now" button for nonprofits. In addition to the perk of 100% of funds going straight to your nonprofit - this method provides an easy way to call for donations, and will help increase the virality of your campaigns.

Pinterest: Get creative with your boards

There's something about Pinterest that makes users follow through on purchases after discovering them first on a Pinterest board. Make this retail secret work for your organization! It's all a matter of thinking outside of the box.

Need some board ideas? You can start off with one that features the employees of your nonprofit. You can create another board for schools/shelters/etc your nonprofit has assisted. There can also be a board that shows what gives your nonprofit inspiration, and another board for original content and resources. It would also be great to have a board that highlights events, and behind-the-scenes action. The possibilities are endless!

Google+: Host informative webinars

Your nonprofit is bound to have many industry experts on the team. Have them lead webinars on Google +, where they will share insights in an engaging manner up until the last few minutes. Only in the last few minutes should they provide the audience with a call to action to visit your website or donate. Leaving the call to action for the very end will increase the chances of donors following through after being inspired.

There are countless more ways that nonprofits can nurture donors using social media. Each social network has its own set of unique advantages that make it easier to tap into different donor personalities in different online communities.

Regardless of the approaches you decide to take to nurture donors using social media, be sure to first have a social media strategy set in place.


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