B2B Articles - June 30, 2013

Common KPIs and metrics for analyzing website performance

Web analytic segmentation As an analyst spends time with data for a particular website, new and more complex insights will "jump out." If you care about web performance, spend time with the data to better understand potential trends and opportunities. Web performance insights can be vital for website owners, managers or a web design agency that is planning a next feature release. The study of analytics for websites can even help business owners set new and more meaningful goals.

Common web metrics

  • Visits (traffic)
  • Number of pages per visit
  • Conversions (define in advance - need to set up conversion metrics)
  • Bounce rate
  • Revenue generated
  • Leads or inquiries
  • Downloads
  • Time on site
  • New visitors
  • Returning visitors
  • Top pages
  • Page load times
  • Referrers

Useful web analytic segments

  • Visits from a web referrer
  • Number of pages per visit based on web referrer
  • Conversions based on source (web referrer)
  • Conversions based on content type or submission details (user-interest)
  • Top content based on web referrer
  • Bounce rate based on web referrer
  • Downloads/clicks/inquiries following email campaign (PPC campaign) - estimate of interest
  • Trackbacks of content
  • Increases/decreases of shares following a content design update for top-performing pages
  • Best "last touch" pages leading to conversions
  • Conversion pages with highest bounce rate (view by referring marketing channels to determine what is missing from your content to drive better conversions or address new needs)
  • Search traffic by non-brand keywords (focusing on largest traffic opportunities, conversion, new opportunities, etc)
  • Internal site search by keywords and landing pages (match the two)
  • New backlinks, shares, +1s and likes
  • Landing pages based on search referrals (SEO task)
  • Return visits with conversion rate


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