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Defining a content strategy for the Internet of Things

connected city - internet of things - content marketingWe have arrived at a critical milestone in the evolution of computing. The Internet of Things is just that milestone, which promises to turn everyday objects into smart, connected objects--taking on a new meaning. Telecom companies and communication service providers have a unique opportunity to tell a story during this dramatic shift in computing. Businesses can harness the excitement and possibilities associated with the Internet of Things, but marketing communications must tell a new story.

It is essential for businesses wishing to tap into the Internet of Things era build a content strategy that attracts the right partners, investors, buyers, advocates and existing customers who may play a role in this shift.

Defining a content strategy for the Internet of Things

Your content strategy must include curating and distributing content that engages advocates, browsing trends for the industry and aligns with your enterprise's brand story.

Internet of Things

Considerations for an IoT content strategy

  • Co-create content with existing partners to maximize the exposure, authority and lift of the content.
  • Create search-accessible content on your brand's website that directly spells out the capabilities with IoT
  • Create a sales-focused product roadmap outlining future plans with the Internet of Things to help potential customers feel comfortable with your support of the evolving realm of needs
  • Content built upon industry tradeshows or upcoming events, such as the International Conference on the Internet of Things, IOT Nexus or IEEE Internet of Things
  • Upcoming product launches for your company that relate to IoT -- could also include new releases of an existing product
  • Conduct a contest or poll of your existing social followers and release the results in a beautifully packaged report.
  • Craft a campaign to existing customers outlining your company's capability with the Internet of Things and it's opportunities in the marketplace. Although most customer may know of IoT solutions, many may not know of the possibilities before them.

Core assets to consider in defining a content strategy

  • Search accessible website content (pages)
  • Product demos or tours using video or photo slideshows (use social sharing)
  • Landing pages or microsites dedicated to IoT solutions
  • Videos (informational, viral or promotional)
  • Whitepapers
  • Datasheets or Factsheets
  • Case studies
  • Research and reports
  • Product specifications and definition
  • Presentations or pitch documents
  • Pricing guides for specific solutions
  • Catalogs (great for technical solutions with lots of data points or customization options)
  • Instructional or training material for existing clients (share with leads and prospects as well -- for trust building)
  • Advertising
  • eBooks and other forms of gated content for lead generation
  • Webinars for existing customers or leads - nurturing and educational content
  • Online and digital interactive content (apps, interactive graphics and calendars)
  • Blog content
  • Social media publishing (defining a full-range of communications via social media for IoT)
  • Automated messages and emails
  • Email support for customers: tips, resources, updates (at least quarterly)
  • Phone, email and outreach scripts
  • Interactive content and examples

Ideas and topics to consider for an IoT content strategy

  • How does IoT affect a particular industry or marketplace?
  • IoT paradigms, architectures, applications and technologies
  • Cloud vs distributed computing for the IoT of a particular industry
  • Application of RFID, sensors, actuator technologies in helping to redefine non-connected objects, industries or environments
  • Regulatory issues for the Internet of Things within a particular industry


Create topically and visually attractive content for contacts in each stage of your buying process. Don't forget existing customers. The Internet of Things may open up new opportunities with existing customers.

Internet of Things content

Shown above, four types of content designed for multiple points in the marketing to sales funnel.

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