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Free Two-Column HubSpot Landing Page Lead Generation Template by Ironpaper

We are introducing a HubSpot landing page template that is free to download via the HubSpot Marketplace. This two-column template was designed to help B2B companies seeking to quickly improve lead generation efforts get up-and-running quickly and hassle-free.

Free Lead Generation Two-Column Landing Page Template by Ironpaper

Quick Instructions for Using the Landing Page Template

The landing page template is highly customizable.

  1. Download template to your HubSpot instance
  2. Create a new landing page using the template
  3. Update the content areas, including the main content area, header text, and footer text.
  4. Replace the background image if you wish
  5. Replace the form with a form of your choosing
  6. Update the meta content and page title
  7. Publish!

Key editable areas of this landing page template

  1. Hero title
  2. Main content area with full WYSIWYG editing capabilities
  3. Background header image
  4. Form and form title
  5. Logo
  6. Choose from three color themes to best suit your brand style

Edit modules in the landing page template

Editing the main content area: Click on the main content area, "Left Column," to edit the landing page copy.

HubSpot landing page template by Ironpaper: how to edit

Using personalization:  The "Left Column" area allows for personalization and a full-WYSIWYG editor. Consider adding images, structured copy, links, and reference material. Next to the "Left Column" label, click the personalization icon to select from the content personalization options. Here you can personalize based on an array of options including device type, a segment of leads, or a lifecycle stage.

HubSpot landing page template by Ironpaper: content area

Changing the color palette: Update the page style and color palette using our theme selector. Choose from one of three predefined themes.

Theme selector for HubSpot landing page

Optimize for SEO: Don't forget to optimize the landing page by applying keywords and following the instructions for optimization.

SEO optimization for HubSpot landing page

How to edit the footer content within a global group element.

Click on the arrow in the image below and go to the nested elements to edit the appropriate area of the template.

Update the footer of the template

Edit the template footer

This free HubSpot landing page template was designed based on a simple lead generation formula for use in both acquisition campaigns as well as progressive profiling initiatives. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need help with either customization or how to use this template as part of your inbound marketing strategy. Enjoy!

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