Free planning tools for SEO and search marketing

What use is being #1 for a keyword that gets no traffic?

search insights and keywords targetsBusiness owners and marketers often need better data to make decisions. This is especially true for marketing strategy and planning. In order to allocate resources for digital marketing campaigns, it is good to gather some initial data first–before making a decision.

By quantifying search volume (search engine queries) for specific keywords and uncovering related keywords, a marketing team can plan better search campaigns that drive interested prospects. Other useful search metrics include the ability to segment and target by geography (country or even city), time period, language, or by industry.

Free tools for collecting search and keywords insights

Google Trends –
Provides the ability to identify the most popular search trends and quickly filter based on consumer interest and demographics.

  • Top 10 keyterms for current period
  • Explore and compare keywords
  • Filter by time, geography/language/country/state, industry
  • Related terms

Google Trends

search trends free tool

Youtube Trends –

Youtube is the most popular video destination hub on the web. It is also the second largest search engine. Youtube Trends is a great tool for marketers, as they plan to incorporate video, social video and sharable media into their campaigns.

  • Identify trending topics
  • Identify trending videos
  • Popular videos this month
  • Location filtering
  • Demographic filtering
  • Comparison data across audience segments
  • Most shared
  • Most viewed

Youtube trends


Google Adwords Keyword Planner – > Tools and Analysis

Keyword Planner is a free tool for planning new search engine marketing campaigns or expanding existing campaigns.  The tool allows for the ability to search for keywords and find new PPC ad group concepts. You can also get recommendations for keywords that perform well, and get traffic estimates. Great for planning competitive bids and budgets for PPC marketing campaigns.

  • Keyword traffic estimates
  • Keyword PPC cost estimates
  • Identify related and traffic-referring keywords

Keyword planner by Google Adwords



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