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How to Get a Job as a Digital Marketer

Look up from your own computer or phone to survey the people around you engaging with the digital world. Of course, this is purely anecdotal evidence, but it quickly supports the idea that the digital economy is booming. Digital marketing is just one of the fast-growing industries. How can you get a gig in the field?

As with most anything, there is an abundance of advice available on this topic. We thought we’d focus on what might help someone gain a position at an agency such as Ironpaper. Here are some tips on how to get a job as a digital marketer:Value proposition - digital marketing and lead generation - buy persona

Be current

The digital economy is an ever-shifting industry that demands innovation. An individual looking to be successful as a digital marketer needs to be willing to learn and passionate about keeping on top of industry disruptions.

Set yourself out as a contender with a solid understanding first of what’s going on right now in search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media, and content marketing.

"Understanding metrics on the web is key. The Internet provides so many ways of analyzing user behavior, and knowing how to gather and interpret data is important for success. Read widely and learn the lingo." — Barnes & Noble assistant marketing manager in Mashable

Study and research

Some great starting points include Moz and Search Engine Land for SEO, Google Adwords and Analytics for PPC, Hootsuite Academy for social media, and Hubspot for content marketing.

You’ll need to continuously study various digital marketing disciplines (SEO, inbound marketing, conversion optimization, Adwords/PPC, remarketing, and the sales funnel) to understand how to implement current best practices. Read tips and best practices from leading publications, and put into practice the techniques you discover. Marketers today need a broad set of skills that they can employ to solve problems creatively.

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Build skills with marketing analytics

An advantage of digital marketing campaigns is the ability to analyze data to understand what has worked and what needs tweaking. There are many metrics to measure when tracking certain elements of a campaign or success with particular target audiences. If numbers scare you, get over it or begin looking at another career path.

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Practice digital (modern) marketing

It won’t do to simply enter an interview or client meeting and parrot the latest wisdom of Seth Godin, Rand Fishkin, Ann Handley, or Joe Pulizzi (yes, you should look them up). Build your own personal brand (e.g., through blogging, social media, and a web presence) to gain hands-on marketing experience. Offer to market a friend’s business or volunteer with a non-profit that could use some digital assistance. These kinds of projects enhance your credibility and show you have experimented with best practices and can drive success.

Diversify your skill sets

A successful digital marketer doesn’t only know how to use Google Adwords or write a killer SEO-friendly blog. Digital marketing companies are going to be looking for people equipped to implement strategy, liaise with clients, write marketing content, analyze campaign success, and more. A basic knowledge of coding and graphic design isn’t going to hurt, either.

Get Certified

There are many courses and certifications related to digital marketing available for free online. Some certifications are renewable annually, while others will last a lifetime. A starting point might be:

  • Earning Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Certificate
  • Completing the Google Adwords Exam
  • Gaining Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  • Google Tag Manager Certification
  • Hootsuite certification

Certification helps prove your seriousness about getting into the industry and demonstrates foundational experience in the field.

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