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How to set up Twitter Analytics

While it seems all brands are using Twitter as part of their social outreach strategy, few seem to be accessing Twitter’s analytical side or, in some cases, using Twitter Advertising at all. It’s actually quite easy to set up and once configured a lot of great data will be available.

So here’s how to access Twitter Analytics. If you use a personal account you can avoid allocating an advertising spend. But, of course, with a business account you can allocate a social ad budget as you like.

Make sure you’re logged into your desired Twitter account. Then navigate to https://ads.twitter.com and hit the ‘Get Started’ button. Twitter will ask your location.

What to Promote -

Promote your Tweets, or  Accounts? Your choice will affect your targeting options.

If you select Promote Accounts: If you don’t get your targeting right, you will waste a lot of money. But if you select this option, choose accounts similar to yours, who have followers who may be interested in your tweets. You can target any @name, and import lists as well. Specifically:

  • Grow your Follower base and build an audience of new and existing customers
  • Followers see your Tweets, creating opportunities for engagement over time
  • Pay only when you add a Follower via your Promoted Account

If you select Promote Tweets: If you’ve chosen ‘Promote Tweets’ instead, you can target by keywords. You can be extremely specific, and you’ll save a lot of money done right. Use complex keywords and get as specific as you can. You should update your campaigns all the time, adding new tweets to keep them relevant. Because users aren't interested in old information the older the tweet, the more it will cost to promote. Specifically:

  • Get your message in front of more of the right people
  • Create a conversation and drive marketing results
  • Pay only when users engage — clicks on a Tweet, retweets, replies, favorites, and follows

Manage your Campaign

Add a total and daily budget, the location to target, and a maximum bid. Start low and tweaking your way up towards your suggested budget. You don’t have to commit a dollar at this point. Just leave the fields blank. Set up payment, save and hit the ‘Save and Launch Campaign’ button

Twitter GoalsSet Goals

Tell Twitter why you’re running the campaign and continue to 'Your Campaigns'. You’ll see a dashboard detailing your spend so far.

Analytics are Live

Now at the top of your Twitter page you’ll see a ‘Analytics’ dropdown. Here you’ll see info on followers, account growth, click-through rates and more. You’ll also see a ‘Campaigns’ dropdown. Go here to manage existing campaigns, or set up new ones.

Now whenever you log into your Twitter account you’ll see the ‘Twitter ads’ button in your settings menu at the top of your profile, allowing you to access analytics.

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