B2B Articles - February 15, 2014

Offering incentives to expand your email list

Email marketing tipsEmail lists are an asset for brands.

Brands can use email lists to drive leads and acquire new customers. Basically email lists should be comprised of prospects that have expressed interest in your brand, product or a service. Perhaps they are not ready to buy--so they are not a full lead. By encouraging prospects to subscribe to your email list, you have the ability to stay in touch and provide them content that nurtures the relationship. Gaining their permission is vital.

By offering incentives for joining your email list, you will produce the following benefits:

  • Increased loyalty: Loyalty, repeat business and referrals can be improved by rewards. There is value in offering something of value to your prospects.
  • Increased sign-ups: If a user is presented something of value in return for joining, this will commonly increase their interest in joining

Examples of incentives for email list subscribers

  • Free trial access
  • Gifts or freebies
  • Access to member-only information
  • VIP access to events
  • Discounts
  • Reward points
  • Early offers on new product releases
  • Early product release access
  • Prize drawing or chance to win something
  • Alpha trials
  • Free training, tips or premium content
  • Download eBook or whitepaper
  • On-going high-value content (non-sales content)
  • Future incentives: random rewards or private events

Both immediate or future incentives could work as an offer for expanding your email marketing list. Remember to make the call-to-action clear and accessible within your blog or company news area. Explain to potential subscribers what they will receive if they join your list. Remind them about your privacy policy, and make your policies clear and accessible. Users do not want their information sold or shared. Incentives work only if you establish trust and clearly indicate the value proposition of your email list.


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