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Ready to Launch? A Marketing Checklist for New Product Launches

Product marketing launch checklistA Simple Marketing Checklist for New Product Launches

Marketing requires a mix of smart, goal-driven strategy and data-driven, adaptive execution.

Having a solid plan in place prior to your marketing product or offer launch can yield far better results than well-executed marketing materials with no clear strategy. For marketers who have large teams and complex approval processes, or who rely on contractors, effective planning is especially important. Join us as we review five crucial components of a marketing launch in the digital age.

1. Build a Landing Page

Landing pages are an important digital tool for information exchange with prospects. By providing your prospects with a copy of your new research report, offer or product information, you're able to collect contact information. Kissmetrics reports that 96 percent of first-time visitors to your company's website aren't ready to make a purchase. By using a landing page to promote your new product, you can build your contacts and add new prospects to your company's sales pipeline.

2. Build a Thank You Page

After your new leads convert on your landing page, you should build an automatic page redirect to a thank you page. This can serve as confirmation of the form submission, and provide your leads with an opportunity to download their information. A thank you page can also provide valuable repeat conversion opportunities. Invite your new leads to subscribe to your blog or download related content offers.

3. Create an Email Workflow

Email workflow campaigns are a critical part of keeping-in-touch with your new leads until they are ready to engage with your sales team. By sending regular email updates that contain valuable information to your prospects, you can remain on top of their minds as they navigate their buyers' journeys. Lead and sales nurturing email series aren't just a valuable tool for keeping in touch; they're also a powerful way to educate your prospects. Upgrading your communication infrastructure with marketing automation can help you scale, analyze, and grow the results of your inbound efforts.

4. Develop Social Media Campaigns

When coupled with SEO, traditional media and other promotion methods, social media can be a valuable tool for launch awareness in both B2C and B2B spaces. Create engaging posts for the social media networks that your buyer personas, or ideal customers, are already using. Whether you choose to focus on organic or paid social advertising, social promotion can yield important brand exposure to new prospects.

Social media isn't necessarily the right product or offer promotion method for every organization. However, by understanding how your ideal customers connect and discover information, you can plan for promotion on the right channels.


No marketer wants to launch a product or campaign with disappointing results. However, by optimizing your launch around digital marketing practices, you can optimize your returns on investment.

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KissMetrics: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/what-converting-websites-do/

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