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SaaS marketing: tips for 2022

The SaaS industry is maturing and tackling more business needs each year. Likewise, the demand for SaaS to solve business problems grows.

SaaS products often have similar benefits: the potential to reduce IT support costs, improve ease of use through ongoing updates, and the ability to access tools anytime/anywhere through a multitude of devices.

As SaaS providers explore their online marketing and customer acquisition efforts for 2022, here are a few tips that should be included in the game plan.

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SaaS marketing tips for 2022

Do you appeal to mobile users? Mobile users are a massive and only increasing segment of the market. Not only are buyers viewing content on mobile devices, but Google also values mobile load time more than desktop. This means that without a mobile approach, your SaaS product will be downgraded on Google rankings.

Are you targeting mobile and tablet web browsers with your ads? This is especially true if you have eCommerce potential with your sales process. Mobile accounts for 65% of all eCommerce traffic, which makes this approach crucial. This focus on mobile and tablet should include your SaaS product website as well. Mobile responsive website design is vital to connecting with prospects and delivering an appropriate experience despite their device of choice. 

What is trending in your industry socially? Understanding trends and how social media trends can apply to your business and industry can give your organization vital boosts. Trending is a familiar concept for Twitter, but other networks are offering views of trends. Facebook, for example, just offered greater visibility around trends. #Hashtags help to organize and structure the view of such trends, and SaaS organizations should adopt their usage appropriately and contribute to the social conversations. Try joining LinkedIn Groups, Quora Q&As, and even Reddit threads - though tread lightly there.

Connect your webinars to marketing automation. Webinars can be vital for SaaS marketing for each stage of the customer lifecycle. Hubspot, for example, integrates with GoToWebinar natively. This integration helps tie lead and prospect data to webinar activity and participation. One particular item of value is the ability to sync registration and attendance data. This data can then be synced with Salesforce records as well as lead scoring. This automation gives your marketing and sales team insight into how webinars perform - and even ties them to revenue generation.

Social logins may reduce the barrier to entry. Google, Twitter, and Facebook API logins may be fantastic ways to register and log in new accounts quickly. The logins have a specific trust factor with users, and the registration process is reduced to a one-click with confirmation.

Remarketing can help bring users back into the fold. Programmatic advertising and remarketing can be powerful tools for SaaS campaigns. Reminding users of the value your solution offers can have a clear, measurable ROI. Programmatic advertising is growing. According to a recent study by eMarketer, advertisers spent $75.09 billion on programmatic ads in 2020.

Search marketing is hugely beneficial for lead generation and continues to yield excellent click-through rates. A Chitika study, How CTR Varies by Referring Webpage, found that traffic originating from search engines offer a higher CTR as a whole, even when compared to internal website traffic or direct traffic. Don't forget about search.

SaaS companies can also use an ABM approach to get in front of an ideal target group using targeted ads, buyer-centric messaging, dynamic personalization, content, sales enablement, and conversion optimization.


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