Social hiring: a new trend for marketing & digital agencies

Social recruitment: marketing and web agency job postings on social mediaSocial recruiting (hiring) lives in the cross section of HR recruitment and social media. The concept goes by many names, including social hiring, social recruitment and social media recruitment. This approach perhaps resonates with no industries better than the marketing and web tech industries, where social media is an expected form of personal representation for one’s professional life. Using social media to post tech or marketing jobs can be a powerful way to discover candidates.

For the marketing and web tech industries, the most popular social media websites used for recruiting are LinkedIn, Twitter, Github, and Google+.  Other strong contenders include XING, Facebook, BranchOut, Stack Overflow, and Behance. Often social hiring or recruitment is an auxiliary method to Linkedin jobs, Craigslist, and Indeed.

Twitter and Google+ remain a strong contenders because of their threading and filtering capabilities with hashtags. Twitter hashtags are a fantastic method of driving to job listings and job hunters. See: Twitter hashtags for tech jobs

Hiring hashtags for Twitter include:


Hiring hashtags for Google+ include:


Facebook can be a strong contender for job searches, as it makes for an unbeatable peer-to-peer network. Friends can post, share and search for jobs within their friend networks and with friends-of-friends.

Browsing design and development portfolios can also certainly be a great way to find talent. Additionally, Github is a powerful tool to understand the work of web developers and programmers–see their code, projects, frequency and collaboration capabilities.

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