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Tips for More Digital Marketing Conversions

If you’re thinking about digital marketing conversions, your head is already in the right place. More than just a static brochure for your business, a business website can convert new leads and bring in business to your sales funnel. And improving those conversions should be a major focus KPI for every digital marketer.

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Here are some tips for more digital marketing conversions depending on the current state of your performance metrics.

Low in Traffic? Launch New Builders + Drivers

Low traffic can really hold you back from driving digital marketing conversions. If traffic is an issue, you are probably seeing fewer than several thousand visitors every month. It will be difficult to run meaningful tests. And even the best offers and conversion points will fall flat because not enough people will see them.

You should focus your efforts on driving more traffic, and at Ironpaper we recommend a combination of builder and driver activities. First, a quick explanation.

Builders are activities that involve the creation of high-quality assets, such as blog posts and content offers (like downloadable eBooks or case studies.) Creating landing pages and website copy also falls under a “builder” activity. While builders are important, they do not inherently drive more traffic.

Drivers are activities that drive new traffic into the funnel by paying for additional exposure, usually with a targeted audience. A driver activity could include paying for promoted content on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, and/or launching an AdWords campaign. Just like the name implies, drivers help you drive website traffic quickly.

Some ideas for earning more conversions when you have low traffic:

  • Launch a blog that you publish to weekly, around a keyword strategy so you drive more organic traffic consistently
  • Create and publish a content offer, then launch an agile LinkedIn lead generation campaign to a custom-built audience
  • Publish new landing pages around target keywords, then write and put some money behind an AdWords search marketing campaign

Traffic Not Converting? Test and Optimize

So you have traffic, but your website visitors aren’t converting into leads on your website. This is an entirely different issue to diagnose than having a low traffic problem. If your website conversion rate for traffic to new leads is stagnating below 0.5% or even 1% for too long, you won’t see the same ROI from your digital marketing efforts.

When you have a low conversion rate, you may be facing one of a few different issues. First, you might be attracting the wrong traffic. You might be using keywords or content that is not pulling in decision-makers, or attracts the wrong audience altogether.

Second, you might not have the right conversion offers on your website. Your messaging might just not be resonating, or it may be very company-focused and not buyer centric. The only way you can improve this is to offer multiple conversion offers and test to see what works. Let the analytics be your guide for conversion rate optimization activities.

If traffic isn’t converting, here are some tips for more digital marketing conversions:

  • Interview at least three members of your target audience to try and understand what language they use and the problems and challenges they are trying to solve. Does your website and conversion offer reflect this?
  • Launch a new conversion point (even if all you change is the title of it) and A/B test against your current offer for insights
  • Assess which content offer or conversion page on your website is converting the best, and create more like it. You can repurpose existing content if you are short on time
  • Add more calls-to-action on your website to your conversion points, especially in highly visible areas like your navigation menu

Conversion Rate Good? Scale What Works

Are you seeing great traffic and a solid conversion rate above 1% or more? Great work! Now it’s time to scale your successful efforts. Scaling can involve creating more of what works, or putting your work and conversion points in front of a wider audience.

Tips to scale for more digital marketing conversions:

  • Research new keyword possibilities that your target audience would be searching, and create new SEO pages on a consistent basis
  • Take your content beyond your website and launch paid campaigns on LinkedIn lead gen, Capterra (if you are a software company), Facebook/Twitter paid channels, and/or Google AdWords
  • Invest more budget into paid channels if they are converting well, and use an additional budget to run more incremental tests and optimizations
  • Strike up partnerships or thought leadership opportunities to contribute articles to third-party publications in your industry, expanding your audience

No matter your issue or the state of your current metrics, these tips for more digital marketing conversions will give you the next step to continue filling your funnel.


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