Using tablets and iPads in retail stores

We have found that retail stores can more effectively promote products and improve customer service by using tablet or iPad kiosks within the brick-and-mortar retail experience.

Total Wine in-store retail experience with iPad kiosk

Tablets offer a more comfortable, elegant, cheaper and user-friendly way for retailers to provide in-store kiosks while offering an entirely improved experience from traditional kiosks.

Retail customers using an iPad kiosk in the store

Tablet kiosks are rich in possibilities, and consumers naturally engage with the devices and seem to actually gravitate towards them. As a promotional vehicle, tablet or iPad kiosks can provide rich, multi-media experiences that connect consumers to product features in a more meaningful and fun way.

Retailers can provide guided shopping experiences or tell the back story of a particular product line-up. The kiosk applications can offer an array of story-telling options, including video, photo galleries and contextual notes.

The calls-to-action from a kiosk can be quite clear and vital for retailers. From “email this product” actions to in-store printing with traditional purchasing options, kiosks help drive consumers to buy and share.


Take a look for instance with our iPad kiosk for Total Wine & More

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