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Ironpaper’s Takeaways: Google Marketing Live 2022

By Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist

Last month at their annual live event, Google Marketing introduced a wealth of new tools for marketers. Two Ironpaper team members, Daniel Traicoff, Digital Marketer and Sioban Schmeding, Growth Manager, attended the event. These digital experts then put together their thoughts and takeaways about the new and improved tools announced at the event and what’s important for B2B marketers.

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Simplified Tag Management with Google Tag

The Global Site Tag for Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts will be replaced with One Google tag. According to Google Marketing, no additional code will be needed to combine, reuse, or manage tags.

Sioban Schmeding welcomes this development and believes it will improve the quality of data marketers have to work with: “Finally! Gone are the days when you're managing all the tags on a website, and now they can be simply located with no additional code. This should allow for cleaner, more accurate data collection.”

Asset Library for Images

The new asset library allows marketers to store their creative assets in one place and will soon allow marketers to create YouTube video ads with optimized templates.

Daniel Traicoff hopes Google Marketing will expand this offering to include other assets in the future. “Hopefully, this will come for text as well, allowing our full creative team to write Google Ad-specific messaging that can be used across campaigns when relevant.”

Improved Lead Form Extensions

Lead forms can now be integrated with Zapier and hundreds of CRMs to allow marketers to understand leads better. 

Marketers can also now pick from 2,500 questions for their lead forms, and Google will be adding support for additional languages soon. New lead funnel reporting will also allow marketers to better visualize their lead generation and their progress through the funnel.

Automatically Created Assets for Responsive Ads

Google Ads will automatically create assets for you using content from your existing landing pages and ads. It will automatically display the highest-performing ads and assets to make your ads as relevant as possible.

According to Sioban Schmeding, “This change is happening pretty near term, but it'll have an interesting ripple effect. All marketers have had insight and the ability to see data specific to text ads as a set, and now with the required RSA, we'll need to consider how headlines and descriptions stand on their own independently. We'll be able to lean on Google for suggestions, but ultimately Google is putting more behind the curtains.”

Enhanced Conversions

Enhanced conversions were essentially created after apple's conversion tracking blocking was implemented. 

Enhanced Conversions helps marketers better track leads and their progress through the funnel. A beta of Enhanced Conversions is being released for Search Ads 360, and you may already have access if you use third parties to manage your campaigns.

Attribution Insights

A new feature on the Insights page will let marketers see all of the Google and YouTube ads that users engage with before submitting a form/converting. This will allow you to see how your ads work together across different marketing channels and better understand the buyer's journey.

Daniel Traicoff is particularly interested in one specific part of this new feature: “Bonus - customer lists are specifically called out; they’re adding detailed audience reporting for demographics, exclusions, and segments.”

Performance Max Improvements

Performance Max now has easier testing and comparison features. A/B tests will help marketers understand how changes to their marketing strategy are affecting conversion rates, and attribution and audience insights will let you see who is responding to your messaging and focus on the right audiences

What this means for B2B marketers

According to Daniel Traicoff, the new features announced at Google Marketing Live will help B2B marketers meet the unique challenges we face in understanding and connecting with their buyers. “Unlike advertising to B2C customers on Google Ads, B2B marketers have a lot of additional technical needs and research required to ensure you are hitting the right audience. The new features Google announced will greatly improve the transparency and understanding of how PPC ads are performing and hitting buyers throughout the journey.”


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