B2B Articles - October 05, 2022

Search On 22 Takeaways for B2B Companies

By Daniel Traicoff, Digital Marketer, and Chantel Hall, Marketing Content Specialist

Last week Google hosted Search On 22, an annual event that covers updates and new features in their search engine. This year’s topics emphasized making search more natural and intuitive. 

For B2B marketers who want to serve up relevant, personalized information to their leads, this shift in search couldn’t come at a better time, and Ironpaper Digital Marketer Daniel Traicoff believes this year’s event had some exciting takeaways that B2B marketers shouldn’t ignore.

3D and Augmented Reality Images for Search

Google is increasing the products that will showcase 3D and augmented reality images in search results. For B2B companies providing factory equipment, machine parts or accessories, office furniture, and other physical products, this could allow customers to see how those products fit on their factory floor or in their office. 

3D images have a 50% higher engagement rate than static images.


While this is still in the early testing stages, there seem to be early signs of success, like a 50% higher engagement rate than static images. Additionally, Google has AI software that will help auto-develop 3D images. 

Highlighting Customer Experiences

Soon, Google will highlight discussions from forms and first-hand experience posts from websites like G2 Crowd and Reddit on search engine results pages. This will showcase positive experiences with your company and help leads see for themselves how your customers feel about your service. However, this also means that you’ll need to focus on customer experience and actively look for and address customer complaints online.

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“Results About You” Feature

Google’s new “Results About You” feature allows users to request the removal of personal information like email addresses and phone numbers. This feature could make it more difficult for sales representatives to find contact information for potential leads online. To mitigate the effects of this change, marketing and sales teams should put a greater emphasis on building trust with leads and collecting first-party data.

Automatic Language Translation on Images

Automatic language translation on images will help B2B marketers with a global audience in a few different ways. You’ll be able to quickly double-check that your translated ads are coming across to clients correctly and translate ads from competitors or potential clients, improving your efforts to connect with clients who speak different languages.

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