Marketers should make content interesting not sales focused

Content marketing can be a great way for marketers to engage new visitors and build support for their brand and/or cause. Many businesses and business units push their messages to users and directly sell their services. Content, even for the sake of SEO, should offer value to a user. It should be interesting, unique and relevant. Authenticity is key. A lack of such can injure the brand and imbue a brand with a sense of false-pretense.

Interesting and authentic content can help make users feel closer to a brand, while driving conversation, social media interaction and such content lasts in the memory.

Many companies rushing to compete in the world of search engine optimization and marketing may feel compelled to “trick” Bing and Google to win favor. This is unfavorable and possibly¬†detrimental. Tactics such as blog spamming, link wheels, keyword stuffing, mass paid linking and article marketing may have little to negative impact during the times of Panda and Penguin, which guard against over optimization and farming. Elements such as low quality links, overly optimized anchor text, content farms, duplicate content and high bounce rates are scrutinized more than ever.

Think about the basics of human engagement. Try to be useful, relevant, funny or entertaining. Discover new ways to inform and capture your audience using quality content. Social video platform Ebuzzing created a set of “golden rules” for video content creation that marketers should adhere to.

  • Promote high levels of engagement: Be less intrusive and find ways to engage users where they will be most receptive.
  • Utilise video‚Äôs scope for creativity: appeal to the interests of your target audience and tell a story
  • Make sharing easy: Likes and social sharing are a vital outcome of quality content
  • Make your video content highly targeted: For example, find influential bloggers to help distribute your content where it will most be appreciated
  • Measure the pact: analysis and data are key

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