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Attracting micro-donations through nonprofit website fundraising

Nonprofits need to expand their fundraising efforts beyond targeting big money donors. Give some attention to people who can provide micro donations for your nonprofit and cause. These micro-donors may also help become advocates and promoters furthering your organization's reach and visibility.

Yes, we understand that times are tough for most everyone, but believe it or not, that applies to the deep-pocketed donors as well.  Donors are becoming more selective, and they are beginning to do a lot of homework before donating to nonprofits and charities. That includes individuals and companies donating small amounts in the double-digits.

Don't forget - collectively, those double-digits do add up! It's up to you to know how to go and get 'em. We have some tricks of the trade that will surely be of great help when done right.


How to get micro-donations for your nonprofit


Tap into Social Networking Sites

Build your brand! Increase reach! Gain impressions! Sure, it sounds like a lot of buzz words, but it is all to be taken very seriously. Nurturing donors through social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are of great help, especially in reaching large global audiences. Not sure how to start? Build a social media guide! It will serve as a roadmap.

For example:

  • Twitter: Inform donors of the difference made by contributions
  • Facebook: Share inspirational stories
  • Pinterest: Get creative with your boards
  • Google+: Host informative webinars

42% of online adults use multiple social networking sites – Pew Research -2013 surveys

Content strategy and Blogging

Talk about your online fundraising efforts in a blog. While you're at it, we recommend you actively look for other people who are blogging about similar topics, and leave thoughtful comments on their pages. Those comments will serve as advertisements. And hey, it might even make the blogger learn to like you, and form an alliance of sorts that would expose your nonprofit to their pool of contacts!

69% of the most effective nonprofit professionals are creating more content than they did one year ago, compared with 55% of their least effective peers.

Content marketing is powerful. Create interesting, inspiring and educational content for your audiences, and leverage this content for use in other digital channels (search, social, email, etc). Here are 8 content marketing tips to drive traffic. Also, see our article on "Why arts organizations should blog."

Blogging benefits for nonprofits

  1. Increase of traffic from search engines
  2. Increased brand advocacy
  3. Improved traffic from social media
  4. Higher brand authority
  5. Attract gifting leads and micro-donors

Use Bookmarking and Social News Sites

You're probably wondering how bookmarking articles will help you get micro donations. Doing so will help you find the people to target for assistance in raising the donations. Search for relevant articles on micro donations, online fundraising, etc, and you will be able to identify the audiences that are bookmarking them. These are the networks you have to look into! And you'll get some innovative ideas while you're at it.

Dedicate Time to the Cause

Be sure to dedicate enough time to cultivate relationships with potential donors organically. You can't expect it to happen overnight, so you have to be patient and very active. Show the world that you are passionate about the cause through your participation in forums, community events, and more.

Be Vocal

You can't go wrong with the power of word-of-mouth. Promote your nonprofit (tastefully) when possible. Friends. Family. Neighbors. Also, don't forget to share links to your fundraising pages in your email signature, because it will be seen!

Online Fundraising Tools

Although technology should not be misconstrued as a substitute for strategy and strong, effective messaging--technology can help accelerate fundraising efforts. The arsenal of fundraising tools may vary from nonprofit to nonprofit. On average these tools often include a well-designed website, donation processing system (Paypal, Network for Good, etc), web analytics, email marketing solution and social media scheduling and publishing system (Hootsuite, Hubspot, etc). Learn a few tips for building an effective fundraising website & online donations.

Calls to action

For online and micro-donations, remember to align clearly visible calls-to-action with your messaging and content. Calls-to-action are critical to increased fundraising efforts online.

Don't be shy to follow these tips. At the end of the day, the only way you can truly raise online micro donations is by communicating it, and telling people about your cause.

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