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Technology Statistics for 2017 (And How They Impact B2B Marketing)

Our world is more connected than ever, and technology statistics say that B2B marketers are embracing innovation fully:

"70% of survey respondents said they expect their marketing technology budget to increase slightly (50%) or greatly (20%) in 2017." - Walker Sands

However, marketing technology is only one slice of tech that marketers should worry about. B2B marketers should also pay attention to broader technology trends that will shape our industry in 2017 and beyond.

These B2B technology statistics will identify four major shifts that marketers should watch out for.

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Analytics Tools and Marketing Insights

Analytical decision-making is more important than ever: This study by Worldwide and Regalix shows that nearly 80% of marketers will invest in dashboards for marketing analytics. Furthermore, nearly 65% will invest in SaaS and cloud-based analytics software.

technology statistics and marketing tools

Data is vital to making marketing decisions because it allows you to:

  • Further segment your audience based on implicit and explicit data
  • Report ROI on specific marketing actions to company executives
  • Make data-driven decisions to invest in high-return marketing channels
  • Minimize failures by reacting leanly to data and cutting low-performing spending
  • Scale successes with analytical insights

Therefore, B2B marketers must look alive and invest in marketing analytics software. If they don't, they'll find themselves left behind by their savvier competitors.


Cloud Computing and Hyper-Targeting

technology statistics - b2b cloud computing market value

This German and Experton study points to a worldwide trend — The rise of the cloud. As a result, several new realities will take off. But most notable for B2B marketers is this:

"SasS will move away from one-size-fits-all to regional and industry solutions." - according to TalkIn Cloud.

For B2B marketers in the SaaS industry, this means more deliberate targeting is necessary. Specifically, marketers must collaborate with company executives to determine a vision for targeting and segmentation.

Furthermore, marketers should seek buy-in on marketing technology that lets them adapt messaging to newly defined segments, research buyer personas, segment correspondence, and more.


The IoT Explosion (And Concerned Buyers)

IoT adoption concerns

It's now becoming inevitable: The IoT will shake up major industries, including manufacturing, technology, transportation, and more.

What does mean for technology marketing? B2B marketers may find their industries disrupted or enhanced by IoT, so it's important to stay in the know about the technology.

This is for your own benefit as well as your personas: You may need to explain new efficiencies to your audience. Your buyer personas may even shift towards being tech-savvy buyers. And for some B2B businesses, you will need to overcome the major buyer concerns to adopting IoT, which include those above:

40% of IoT buyers are concerned about data privacy, and another 40% are worried about the security of IoT solutions.

This means messaging must be solid for IoT marketers, and content must address real problems and solutions that an IoT infrastructure presents.


Enterprise Digital Security Risks

enterprise digital security risks - tech statistics

cloud security concerns - technology stats

As mentioned before, security concerns are a growing dilemma for enterprises in the era of cloud computing and IoT. Consequently, fears may prevent buyers from innovating past legacy systems:

36% of buyers think the cloud is no more secure, somewhat less secure, or much less secure than legacy systems.

Therefore, marketers involved in digital services, SaaS, or any aspects of cloud computing should partner with tech leaders internally. They must have a deep understanding of security concerns, as well as the solutions offered. This means gathering (and presenting) concrete anecdotes and statistics on security to buyers. Additionally, testimonials and social proof can help appease buyer fears.

Make sure there is no disconnect between the features you're marketing and the real buyer concerns that come up during the sales process. Internal communication between marketers, sales, and IT personnel (and, increasingly, operations management) will help foster a streamlined value proposition. And, moreover, communication will put all teams to work on a unified message about what's really important to the buyer.

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