B2B Articles - March 18, 2016

How HubSpot CRM Benefits the Sales Pipeline

“Always be closing” is a familiar mantra for sales. If you haven’t seen Alec Baldwin’s blistering tirade about this in David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross movie, you should:


Yet while Baldwin remains one of today’s top actors, his close message is now old school. Consider HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan launching its customer relationship management (CRM) software:

“The traditional sales process is broken,” said Halligan. “Instead of ‘always be closing,’ the next generation of sales professionals will ‘always be helping’.”

To that end, this generation of sales professional can be helped by HubSpot’s CRM which tracks individual prospect and customer interactions. The free HubSpot CRM, paired with its Sidekick software, lets users create contact records, link to company records, and track productivity, tasks, and sales pipeline progress.

“The way people shop and buy [has] fundamentally changed,” Haliday said. “The HubSpot sales platform is designed to drive more sales instead of driving people crazy, and to deliver a more relevant, timely, and effective sales process to potential customers while making it significantly easier for sales reps to do their jobs.”

How, though, does the CRM actually make things easier for sales?


Streamlined sales process.

With a CRM, the sales person can efficiently access all of a lead’s contact information, as well as background on the company (and its competitors), and data about the prospect’s interaction with the brand (when CRM and Content Optimization System are linked).
There is also less chance for duplication of efforts, and annoyance of prospects, as the CRM will track the prospect throughout the sales pipeline. In fact, with the Sidekick app, sales can track email openings and only focus on interested customers.

Hubspot CRM - email tracking
The HubSpot CRM will even record the call (via voice over IP) and take notes right in the contact’s record.

Alerts with CRM

Improved communication.

Extensive tracking of individual contacts makes collaboration easier. Instead of handing over an extensive Excel spreadsheet to a colleague taking over a territory, the rep can transfer contacts along with all of the records of individual touchpoints.
Communicating with managers also becomes simpler with the ability to rapidly generate focused reports tracking activities.

CRM tracking and sales enablement tools
Integrating the HubSpot CRM with its Content Optimization System (COS) also fosters closed-loop reporting between sales and marketing — an alignment that is always beneficial to the bottom line.

Faster to deploy. Easier to scale.

Consistently deployed CRM software grows with the enterprise as the sales funnel expands. The ease of tracking data on outreach strategies that work and salesforce effectiveness further enables enterprise growth.

Dashboard for deals and tasks - CRM

Prospecting tools, built-in.

Hubspot's CRM is outfitted with prospect data, allowing your sales and marketing teams deeper insights into who is visiting your website--prior to converting. Browse and search through Hubspot's database of millions of companies to find new prospects.

Prospecting with Hubspot CRM

Help your sales force “always be helping” with a CRM at their fingertips.

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