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Ironpaper was founded in 2002. Since then, we’ve driven innovation at the leading edge of digital inbound marketing. We believe that marketing should drive results, and we work at the intersection of marketing, technology, and design. We drive growth for our clients — and our team is smart, sharp, and passionate.

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Do you get nerdy about data panels? Are you a creative person, with an analytical knack? Do you want to work in an environment that challenges and inspires you?

If we’re speaking your language, view our current job openings below.

To read more about what key skills successful digital marketers, marketing managers, and content marketers need, check out our blog article "Key Skills for a B2B Marketing Career."

What drives a career at Ironpaper?

Inbound marketing jobs - Education

We’re always learning in digital marketing. Expect to grow inbound skills and take certifications in HubSpot, Analytics, and more.

Inbound marketing jobs - Data and Analytics

Even if you’re a creative type, expect to spend much of your time in data dashboards, and making analytic-backed decisions.

Inbound marketing jobs - Technology

We primarily work with inspiring, high-tech clients in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud, big data, and more.

Marketing Jobs in Charlotte

Digital Marketing Manager - Charlotte, NC

We are hiring a full-time digital marketing manager to lead inbound client projects. You'll focus on B2B lead generation for technology companies and/or nonprofits. This position offers freedom to explore digital strategies, run analytical campaigns, and provide guidance to a team.

Digital Marketer - Charlotte, NC

We are hiring a digital marketer who loves inbound marketing and wants to grow their skills rapidly. Both a background with analytics and a passion for learning are key. B2B lead generation experience, writing skills, and automation chops with HubSpot are are a plus. NYC and Charlotte, NC.

Content Marketer - Charlotte, NC

We are hiring a content marketer to work full time in our Charlotte, NC office. Responsibilities will include content strategy, writing, research, and development of messaging strategies for B2B tech companies.

Sales Operations Specialist - Charlotte, NC

We are hiring a Sales Operations Specialist to work full-time in our Charlotte, North Carolina office. We are seeking someone with experience in B2B sales operations or sales enablement.

Content Specialist - Charlotte, NC

We are hiring a Content Specialist to work full-time in our Charlotte, North Carolina office. We are looking for a passionate writer and researcher who will create compelling content for niche B2B & technology industries.

Marketing Account Manager - Charlotte, NC

We are hiring a Marketing Account Manager to work full time in our Charlotte, NC office to play a proactive leadership role for Ironpaper, acting as a primary manager for designated account teams.

Web Project Manager - Charlotte, NC

We are hiring a web project manager who loves digital strategy, web projects, inbound marketing, and wants to grow their skills rapidly. We are seeking a candidate that understands analytics, conversion strategy, SEO, and UX.

Marketing Manager - Charlotte, NC

We are hiring a marketing manager to lead client accounts with a focus on B2B digital marketing. The marketing manager position would coordinate the efforts of our team to drive results for marketing accounts.

Marketing Operations Director - Charlotte, NC

We are hiring a marketing operations manager or director to work collaboratively with the Director's to build our team, operations, capabilities, and coaching practices.

Technology & Business Writer - Charlotte, NC

We are hiring a full-time business writer to cover B2B technology subjects for our clients. We are seeking an individual with a background in journalism (or similar). This position will require both storytelling and technical writing experience. Must provide a portfolio with examples of writing about business and technology subjects.

Design Jobs in Charlotte

Web Designer - Charlotte, NC

Ironpaper is seeking a full-time graphic or interactive designer to work on web projects. Must present an online portfolio in order to apply. Candidate should understand modern design principles and have an understanding of interactivity from a design perspective.

Development Jobs in Charlotte

Front-End Web Developer - Charlotte, NC

We’re hiring a front-end developer to work full-time in our Charlotte, NC office. The developer should be well versed in CSS, HTML and Javascript, as well as mobile responsive web development. Must be skilled in writing clean, efficient code.

WordPress Web Developer - Charlotte, NC

We’re hiring a WordPress Web developer to work in our Charlotte, NC office to help with website and web app projects. The developer candidate needs to have a high-level of competence with WordPress best practices, Front-End web development, PHP/MySQL, JavaScript.

Freelance Jobs

Freelance Content Writer - Charlotte, NC

We’re looking for an experienced writer with a background in marketing, enterprise technology, IT, cloud, Internet of Things, big data, SaaS, and other high-tech fields. Senior level (3-5+ YOE) preferred. Must have a writing portfolio that includes relevant samples. Work is on a per-project basis.

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Ironpaper Culture

We are an established team of 30+ professionals vested with designing and producing strategic, creative and technical communications.

At Ironpaper, we are self-starters and enthusiastic learners. We're a nurturing team, and we're proud to support employees on their career path with education sessions, one-on-one coaching, and certification tracks.

Our work environment is autonomous, strategic, and collaborative. We're passionate about improving our clients' business success.

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Marketing Jobs in Charlotte

Charlotte, NC Digital Marketing Jobs

Ironpaper is a digital marketing agency based in Charlotte, NC. We are hiring for marketing, writing, design, sales enablement, and marketing account management positions.

Ironpaper has been based in NYC since 2002. In 2015, Ironpaper opened it's second location in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our NYC and Charlotte, NC teams work together to create results-driven campaigns and work to help our clients grow their organizations.

Our work includes lead generation, sales nurturing, retention campaigns, analytics, website design, SEO, advertising, content marketing, and web development. As a full-service digital agency, we are well positioned to help our clients eliminate wasteful marketing practices and focus on efforts that lead to a measurable ROI.