Mobile strategy is a growing priority for businesses

Mobile has a big impact on business, and it’s safe to say that many companies have recognized this fact. In the latest Quarterly Digital Trends Briefing by Econsultancy, a survey of approximately 1,000 global participants responded to questions regarding marketing, IT functions, …

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Responsive websites to be highlighted in mobile SEO

Google is working hard to make smartphone content to be highlighted in search. Google announced that they are replacing their old smartphone crawler with a new one to improve smartphone specific search results. This act will allow for Google to index …

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Most popular content sharing channels

According to a new report by ShareThis, Pinterest Surpasses Email for Sharing Online and Beats Facebook Growth in 2013, Pinterest demonstrated extraordinary growth as a content sharing platform in 2013. This report by ShareThis reveals trends of the top 5 content …

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eCommerce is gaining on brick and mortar retail

Ecommerce impacts the revenue of brick and mortar retailers. Traditional retailers are losing share to eCommerce rapidly, and a recent survey by IBM sheds some light on this trend. The study, Consumers Willing to Share Personal Details, Expect Value in Return, …

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Email marketing for schools & education organizations

How to get better results with email marketing for schools and education organizations. Email marketing for recruitment, enrollment, fundraising and support for education institutions.

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Web designers love PHP, I mean really love it

The use of PHP in web development and web design. A graph of PHP’s growth in web design since 2001, when Netcraft began measuring it’s reach. PHP began in 1994.

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Mozilla to help developers with an open-source, security-testing framework

Mozilla is building an open-source security tool that is designed to aid developers build more secure applications and websites. Security has always been a top priority for Mozilla, but they are now expanding their practice with a direct, security tool. …

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Square adds gift cards post-Starbucks

After landing a huge deal with Starbucks, it would have been expected for Square to slow down a little and enjoy it’s victory. But no, Square is continuing to innovate. The company has recently released gift cards for the latest version …

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Webmaster guidelines now available for Bing

SEO Documentation just in time for the holidays Bing has published it’s first set of webmaster guidelines to help business owners and website authors better understand the best practices related to SEO for Bing’s search engine. This documentation comes just in …

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March of the search and SPAM fighting Penguin

Google launched version 3 of it’s spam fighting algorithm Penguin, which is supposed to affect .3% of English language searches. This “data refresh” of Penguin will also affect searches and the ranking of websites across multiple languages. Search Engine Land has …

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Defensive domain registrations may become a need for many businesses

Securing an online address can be hard enough for most businesses. With the huge number of cyber squatters trying to capitalize on unclaimed or related brand domains becoming more and more prevalent each year, businesses need to worry about more …

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Yahoo Web Analytics Reporting For All Screens

Yahoo! Web Analytics released an update to it’s web analytics tools that adds advanced reporting on multiple devices–from mobile to desktop. The way people interact with content is changing more than ever. The mobile Internet is increasing in prominence and reach …

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Extending a brand’s presence on Google Plus with social sharing tools

Google just introduced businesses to their Google+ social network with a new tool called Pages. Now, brands and companies can represent themselves online using the new social network, in a manner similar to Facebook Pages. There is an additional value …

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A change in Google’s algorithm affects 35% of websites

Google just implemented one of the largest changes to it’s search ranking system–a change that  affects 35% of all websites and search queries. Google makes more than 500 changes to its algorithm every year. Such changes are often small, and …

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Web traffic for Internet Explorer drops below 50%

For more than a decade, Internet Explorer has claimed more than 50% of the Internet’s traffic. For the first time, Internet Explorer’s web traffic fell below 50% in October 2011. Microsoft’s browser has been in a state of slow decline, …

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Privacy concerns abated for Google Analytics bug on exit pages

Alex Moss discovered a bug with Google Analytics within the “Landing Pages” > “Exit Pages” reports will result in calling (not the expected data but) a random website. A Google spokesperson confirmed that what Alex Moss discovered was, in fact, …

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Competition data in web analytics just got black and white

The Keyword Ranking tool for competition data in Google Analytics has just become more streamlined. The bar scale graphic which used to depict the competitiveness of a search keyword was replaced with a word description–either low, medium or high. This might …

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By Brian Franchell, best known for its topic guides, how-to-guides and articles from freelance contributors on a wide range of topics, became part of the New York Times family in 2005. After a 17% decline in revenue recently, 15 …

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Ninja Video indicted by grand jury for using copyrighted videos online

Five people involved with running were indicted by a grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, on on conspiracy and copyright infringement charges. The DOJ posted that NinjaVideo had made “significant” income over it’s two and a half year stint of …

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Adobe Systems is introducing a new application codenamed Muse. Built on its AIR platform, Muse lets users create and publish Web sites in the company’s InDesign or Illustrator software. Adobe promises it will simplify the process for designers. Adobe says …

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